200+ Unique Japanese Girl Names of 2022

Unique Japanese Girl Names: Japanese parents are especially concerned that their children’s name is beautiful and has a very special meaning. Therefore, the choice of the name is something to consider carefully.

200+ Unique Japanese Girl Names of 2022

This makes many other cultures feel attracted by the sound and beauty of Japanese names. We show you a selection of popular and traditional names for girls. In this way, you can be inspired when choosing the name of your daughter.

Japanese Girl Names

Many of the Japanese names have a meaning that is related to nature, specifically plants and trees that are ultimate.

Japanese Girl Names

Top 10 Japanese Girl Names
  1. Himari (陽 葵): good hollyhock.
  2. Hina (陽 菜): good vegetables, edible vegetables.
  3. Yua (結 愛): love and affection.
  4. Sakura (咲 良): cherry blossoms.
  5. Ichika (一千 花): thousand flowers.
  6. Akari (丹 梨): red pear tree.
  7. Sara (冴 咲): living flower.
  8. Yui (佑 泉): useful source.
  9. Aoi (亜 桜 依): dependence on cherry blossoms.
  10. Niko (二 湖): two lakes.

More Unique Japanese Girl Names

Unique Japanese Girl Names

  • Aika: love song.
  • Aiko: love, boy.
  • Aiya: beautiful silk.
  • Akiara: brilliant person.
  • Amifriend.
  • Aneko: older sister.
  • Atsuko: kind child.
  • Azumi: safe space.
  • Chiaki: bright light.
  • Dai: great.
  • Eiko: long-lived child.
  • Emi: a beautiful smile.
  • Fuyuko: winter boy.
  • Gen: spring.
  • Gina: silver.
  • Hana: flower.
  • Hanae: flower.
  • Hanako: flower.
  • Hanami: flowery.
  • Haruspring.
  • Haruka: away.
  • Hideko: splendid girl.
  • Hikari: light.
  • Hotaru: flower.
  • Humiya: healthy.
  • Iku: nutritious.
  • Ima: Now.
  • Jun: pure and clean.
  • Kaida: little dragon.
  • Kaiyo: sorry.
  • Katsu: victorious.
  • Katsuki: moon.
  • Katsumi: to overcome.
  • Kayda: little dragon.
  • Keiko: respected girl.
  • Keina: prosperity.
  • Keomi: pure.
  • Kimi: beautiful story.
  • Kuma: bear.
  • Kumi: always beautiful.
  • Kumiko: companion girl.
  • Maeko: daughter of truth.
  • Mai: person who dances with great grace.
  • Masako: honest girl.
  •  Mayu: genuine.
  •  Mika: beautiful fragrance.
  • Miyako: beautiful girl.
  • Momo: peach.
  • Namika: flower of the wave.
  • Naoko: docile girl.
  • Nori: tradition.
  • Raku: pleasure.
  • Rumi: beauty of lapis lazuli.
  • Sadako: pure child.
  • Saki: hope.
  • Sayua: fast and fast as an arrow.
  •  Seiren: refined star.
  • Shun: talented person.
  • Suki: beloved.
  • Tamiko: great beauty.
  • Yoko: sunny boy.
  • Yuriko: perfect.

These Are Some of the Best Japanese Girl Names

Best Japanese Girl Names

  • Ai: It means “love” and defines a romantic and loving woman.
  • Aiko: It means “dear daughter,” a girl who makes herself loved and respected.
  • Akane: The literal meaning is “bright red.”
  • Akiko: Woman who shines with her own light.
  • Akira: It means “light”, “bright”.
  • Amaya: Very poetic name that means «night rain.»
  • Chiasa: Bucolic name that means “a million sunrises.”
  • Chieko: Wise, intelligent, and culturally rich girl.
  • Chika: It means “wisdom.”
  • Chinami: Original meaning name: «a million waves.»
  • Chiyoko: Literally, it means “a million generations.”
  • Cho: Double meaning name. On the one hand, “butterfly,” and on the other, “born at dawn.”
  • Dai: It means “big” and describes a powerful and ambitious woman.
  • Daruma: Name that refers to a famous buddha.
  • Den: Literally means “legacy of the ancestors.”
  • Emiko: Smiling, happy, and laughing girl.
  • Ena: It means “gift of God.”
  • Eri: Literally, it means “blessed prize.”
  • Eshima: Related to the meaning of Eri, it is translated as “blessed and true intention.”
  • Fuji: Means “glycine,” which is a plant of Chinese origin that produces clusters of scented blue or mauve flowers.
  • Fumiko: Girl of great beauty, blessed by fortune.
  • Gen: It means “spring” and refers to the rebirth of things.
  • Gina: Literally, it means “silver.”
  • Hanako: It has a double meaning. On the one hand, “flower creature,” and on the other, “fair flower.”
  • Hanan: Beautiful, smiling girl who shines with her own light and captivates people.
  • Haru: Like Gen, it means “spring” and is related to the rebirth of the world.
  • Haruka: Literally, it means “away.”
  • Hatsu: Concerning the firstborn daughter.
  • Hayami: Girl of great beauty, unusual and somewhat rare.
  • Hekima: Wise, thoughtful, and patient woman.
  • Hikaru: It means “that shines with its own light.”
  • Hiriko: I literally meant “generous.”
  • Hiroko: Double meaning name. On the one hand, “big,” and on the other, “generous daughter.”
  • Hisa: It means “long-lasting”.
  • Hoshi: Bucolic name that means “star” and is related to the beauty of the night.
  • Humiya: It literally means “healthy girl.”
  • Ima: Girl who lives in the present and knows how to enjoy the moment.
  • Isamu: Name with a double meaning. On the one hand, “vigor,” and on the other, “robustness.”
  • Jin: Sweet, tender, and loving girl.
  • Jun: Woman of good work, obedient, and respectful.
  • Kaede: Literally means “maple leaf.”
  • Kaiyo: A merciful woman with a great capacity to forgive.
  • Kame: The same meaning as Kaméyo: on the one hand, “long life,” and on the other, “symbol of the turtle.”
  • Kameyo: The same meaning as Kaméyo and Kame: on the one hand, “long life,” and on the other, “symbol of the turtle.”
  • Kano: Woman of great skill and with a lot of ability to carry out all kinds of tasks.
  • Kaori: Literally, it means “fragrance.”
  • Kata: It means “worthy” and describes a respectable and honorable girl.
  • Katsumi: It means “victorious beauty.”
  • Kazashi: Refers to a hair ornament.
  • Kazue: Double meaning name. On the one hand, “branch,” and on the other, “first blessing.”
  • Keiko: Happy, fun, happy, and always the smiling woman.
  • Kichi: Literally, it means “lucky.”
  • Kiko: It means “hope.”
  • Kikuë: Refers to the branch of the chrysanthemum, a plant from China with purple flowers.
  • Kimi: Literally, it means “beauty of the century.”
  • KiokoLaughing girl, happy and cheerful.
  • Kishi: It means “long and happy life.”
  • Kiwa: It translates to “born on a border.”
  • Kiyoko: Double meaning name. On the one hand, “girl of great purity,” and on the other, “clarity.”
  • Koemi: Joyful and positive name that means “to smile.”
  • Kohana: It means “little flower.”
  • Koko: It means “stork.”
  • Koma: Literally, it is translated as “expression of affection and affection.”
  • Koto: It means “beautiful harp.”
  • Kukiko: It means “snow.”
  • Kumi: Woman of extraordinary, mysterious, and somewhat special beauty.
  • Kura: Literally, it means “treasure house.”
  • Kyoto: Literally means “mirror.”
  • Leiko: Literally, it means “arrogant.”
  • Ayukawa: Quiet, calm, and very peaceful girl.
  • Mai: Double meaning name. On the one hand, “shine,” and on the other, “flower.”
  • Maiko: It means “dancing girl.”
  • Majime: Serious, thoughtful, and intelligent woman.
  • Mamiko: It means “daughter of Mami,” a name also used in Japan.
  • Manami: Very beautiful, affectionate, romantic, and passionate girl.
  • Maru: Literally, it means “round.”
  • Masako: It means “true daughter.”
  • Masumi: Double meaning name. On the one hand, “of great beauty,” and on the other, “true purity.”
  • Matsuko: Refers to the pine tree.
  • Mayoko: Literally, it means “born in May.”
  • Mië: Refers to a tree branch and defines a nature-loving woman.
  • Michiko: It means “girl going the right way.”
  • Nozomi: It means “hope.”
  • Nyoko: It refers to «gem» or «precious stone» and also to «treasure.»
  • Rai: It means “trust.”
  • Ran: Nice name, that means «water lily.»
  • Reiko: It refers to a grateful girl.
  • Rieko: It is translated by “daughter of Rie,” name used in Japan.
  • Rin: Double meaning name. On the one hand, “park,” and on the other, “Japanese people.”
  • Rini: It means “bunny.”
  • Laughter: Name with a beautiful meaning: “flowers grow in the home.”
  • Rui: Affectionate, affectionate, and dedicated girl.
  • Ruri: It means “emerald.”
  • Ryoko: Literally, it means “good girl.”
  • Sachi: Double meaning name. On the one hand, “blessed,” and on the other, “lucky.”
  • Sadashi: Ambitious girl, wanting to eat the world.
  • Sai: Talented woman with a lot of business skills.
  • Sakiko: Literally, it means “prosperity.”
  • Sakurako: Refers to a girl born in Sakura.
  • Satchiko: Lucky girl, smiling, and very happy.
  • Satoko: Refers to a girl born in Sato.
  • Sayoko: Refers to a girl born in Sayo.
  • Seijun: It means “purity,” a woman with the ability to see things very clearly.
  • Seina: Literally, it means “holy daughter.”
  • Sen: Quirky name that is translated by “wooden fairies.”
  • Shaiwase: Good luck, happy and kind girl.
  • Shigé: It means “exuberant.”
  • Shiho: Literally, it means “that you maintain your primitive intention.”
  • Shika: It means “kind-hearted deer.”
  • Shinju: Name that designates a beautiful woman, and that means «pearl.»
  • Shinobu: Sympathetic woman, who likes to help others.
  • Shiori: It means “guide.”
  • Shizu: Patient, calm, and very intuitive girl.
  • Shoma: Woman who seeks the truth, who is not conformist at all.
  • Sorano: It means “that comes from heaven.”
  • Suki: Double meaning name. On the one hand, “my dear,” and on the other, “eagle eyes.”
  • Sumiye: Girl with a bright mind and very intelligent.
  • Suzuë: Nice name that means «branch of bluebells.»
  • Suzume: Means “sparrow.”
  • Také: Literally, it means “bamboo.”
  • Takako: Noble, honorable, and very loyal girl.
  • Takara: It means “treasure.”
  • Taki: It is translated by “waterfall.”
  • Tamane: Quirky’s name meaning “the sound of a necklace.”
  • Tami: Concerning a girl who has been blessed.
  • Tsuru: Double meaning name. On the one hand, “stork,” and on the other, “long life.”
  • Ume: Literally means “plum blossom,” the tree whose fruit is plums.
  • Umi: Name of beautiful meaning: «ocean.»
  • Utano: Mystical name that is translated by “field of melodies.”

Japanese culture is very successful throughout the world, and more and more people are immersed in it, either to enjoy its anime series, its musical groups, its cuisine, its cities. And also Japanese girl names. Today we would like to make a compilation with Japanese girl names, ideal for putting on a girl.

Although many names are very beautiful and undoubtedly lead the lists of the names that are given to babies, more and more, he chooses to look for the originality that foreign names provide. English, American, Italian, Greek, French. And Japanese. Japanese girl names are sweeping beyond their borders.