How to Save Money on Birthday Party

How to Save Money on Birthday Party: Organizing an inexpensive birthday party for kids is a fascinating process. And with an illiterate approach, this event requires considerable financial costs. Colourful and voluminous decorations, a varied sweet table, holding original master classes – all this requires a lot of money.

How to Save Money on Birthday Party

In order not to spend money on extra paraphernalia when holding a celebration, try to think through everything to the smallest detail. You can do without many elements.

How to Save Money on Birthday Party

If you are going to organize a birthday in kindergarten, first contact the teacher. Get permission from the administration of the preschool and coordinate all ideas with the teacher. By making a plan, you will be able to calculate the expenses for the child’s birthday in advance.

1. Decorations

Volumetric decorations can be neglected. Decorate the room with balloons or paper garlands. Don’t buy expensive decor. Try DIY wall decorations. Cut out paper elements from cardboard or print fun posters at a print shop. Connect a little birthday boy to the process. He will definitely like this.

2. Sweet table/menu

Children eat little. It is a fact! So don’t order a bunch of cakes or pies. It is better to buy small biscuit cakes and muffins at the rate of 1-2 pieces per person. When choosing treats, give preference to confectionery without bright colours and flavours in the composition.

For drinks, bring natural juices, compote or fruit drinks. “Colored” carbonated drinks and cheap lemonades are not the best choices for a children’s feast. Check with caregivers in advance if any of the students are allergic to certain ingredients. Their use can provoke allergies or indigestion.

3. Entertainment Ideas

Thinking about how to organize a Cheap birthday for children, do not neglect the help of professional animators. If you still want to organize a birthday on your own, choose entertainment based on the age of the children.

Come up with contests to prepare outdoor games or intellectual tasks. Invite everyone to spin in a festive round dance. Keep in mind that very young children’s birthday may be frightened by bright stage costumes or loud music.

Prepare a relay race or a quiz for the senior or preparatory group. When compiling a birthday program, make sure that everything is in moderation.

Too active entertainment can negatively affect the psyche of preschoolers. Remember, when preparing a children’s party, coordination of actions and a specific plan are of great importance.

4. Cheap Gifts

To leave a positive impression of the birthday with the pupils:

  1. Prepare symbolic gifts for them.
  2. If the budget is very limited for the birthday party, give the kids balloons, which were festive decor at the beginning of the birthday. You can buy colouring books, sweets, or stationery sets.
  3. For girls, get hairpins and elastic bands; for boys – themed stickers.
  4. Don’t forget to give presents.
  5. Attach a card with the child’s name or beautiful birthday wishes to each bag or box.

Such a trifle will bring a smile to everyone present.

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This is all about today. Soon We will tell you how much a child’s birthday party costs in a preschool. Our authors will provide a calculation of the cost in several options, and you just have to choose the one you need.