50+ Best 1st Birthday Card Messages

Best 1st Birthday Card Messages: The birth of a child is the most important holiday in the life of parents. And parents, like the children themselves, are looking forward to this day in order to congratulate their child, please him with gifts and once again remember how it all began.

Top 1st Birthday Card Messages to Write on Birthday Card

But not all parents agree that a child’s first birthday should be celebrated. Are they right?

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50+ Best 1st Birthday Card Messages

  • Your steps are still small –
    Only a year ago, it was given to be born!
    But eagles grow from eagles, and A
    lioness grows from a lion cub!
  • Happy birthday –
    you are 1 year old!
    Be you our delight,
    Clear sun in destiny !!!
  • 1st year! Happy Birthday!
    Happy mood!
    Explore the wonderful world!
    Have fun, grow, play!
  • Cheerful, funny hippo,
    You smiled, loved,
    Baby, you are already a year old,
    And everyone congratulates you!
  • All roads are always open to
    Wonderful babies like you!
    Grow, gain health
    And explore the world leisurely!

1st Birthday Girl Card Messages

  • With one year old! With a bright ray
    Let the sun always warm you,
    Let every day give you gifts!
    Remember that we love you very much!
  • Real family:
    Mom, dad, and child –
    dear child,
    Golden Sun!
  • Sweet creation for
    you to admire,
    your joy – forever,
    A year has passed, and then two
    Letten fly bb
  • Your joy will not be interrupted.
    It will only multiply,
    If you really try!
    What you put in a child,
    Then twenty years later,
    You will have enough.
    God gives you a smooth life!
  • For your gifts,
    Cake, congratulations!
    The brightest holiday –
    FIRST Birthday!
  • Laugh more fun
    On your most important day,
    Grow up sooner,
    Our glorious child!
  • Sweet little girl Has
    turned a whole year!
    Happy Birthday, Sweet!
    Let everything bloom around you,
    Live, play, have fun!

What to Write in 1st Birthday Card Boy?

  • You will see, time will pass so imperceptibly,
    That you will become such a beauty,
    That anyone will look at you.
    While growing healthy and diligent,
    Obedient, loving, and tender.
  • Do not cry over trifles and sleep
    well; eat well, be friends with the kids.
    And cherish: both mommy and daddy
    And be rich in heart and soul.
  • Always be the first among everyone,
    So that we hear your fervent laugh
    And let every new day,
    Only opens the door to a fairy tale!
  • On the very first birthday
    A lot of wishes!
    Happiness, joy, luck!
    Fulfillment of all desires!
  • So many events have brought!
    We hasten to
    wish you Happiness, joy, discoveries!
    Happy first holiday!

What to Write in a 1st Birthday Card for a Niece?

  • Happy first year!
    Wishes to the baby –
    So that her life is interesting,
    So that there are dolls, books.
    Ribbons, bows, outfits,
    A lot of tenderness and affection!
    If mom and dad are near –
    So, life will be like in a fairy tale!
  • Today is the most important holiday!
    My son is turning a year!
    Your baby is so funny. We
    kiss him gently on the cheek!
  • Let your son be cheerful,
    Grows smart, mischievous,
    Happy, smart, and healthy –
    To the delight of relatives and friends!
  • Let your first birthday
    Become a holiday for loved ones!
    Instead of a nipple, they are treated to
    Chocolate and toffee.
  • Let all the guests be entertained,
    Crawl together, mutter,
    Themselves make “magpie.”
    And laugh at the “sweetheart”!
  • Sunbeams
    Glittering joyfully,
    lights are burning in your eyes! Funny
    laughter, dear,
  • Cheeks are a feast for the eyes,
    You are a treasure,
    You are a treasure!
    Happy first birthday!

Cute 1st Birthday Card Message

  • You are exactly one year old today!
    How fast our bunny is growing!
    You become strong, become brave
    And reach straight to the sun!
  • Happy birthday,
    for the first time he is for us!
    There is joy, animation in the house, The
    shine of your happy eyes!
  • Grow up and become stronger,
    Never lose heart!
    Become more mature and smarter,
    learn a huge world!
  • 1-year-old child,
    Yablonevaya twig
    sincerely wish
    Joy without end,
    Schochek plump, pink,
    Admiration of adults,
    To be happy myself, To the
    joy of mom and dad!
  • Why is it a holiday today?
    Why is there a cake today?
    And the color bags are different?
    And the circulation of guests?
  • You have become a year older!
    You have become smarter for a year!
    You began to jump high,
    You began to run far.
  • You will play with toys,
    carefully clean.
    You began to eat well,
    So you grew up big!
  • And today is your holiday!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my chick!
  • You, our wonderful baby,
    Just out of the diaper.
    We will remember with you again.
    How a cow should hum,
    Av is a dog, and meow is a cat
    Repeat a little!
    And then blow out the candle
    Brothers! One-year-old man!
  • You are one year old today, rather smile!
    Life will give you a bouquet from the rays of the sun
    , This world will give you living, bright colors,
    And we are ready always to give you a sea of ​​joy.

Top 1st Birthday Card Messages

  • One year old to our son, a
    real boy!
    Look how he grew up,
    Smiled, wrinkled his nose,
    Suddenly cried for no reason,
    Will still be a man.
  • Congratulations to mom and dad,
    That they have such a strong man,
    Here, keep a gift from us,
    And grow up sooner, baby.
    A year is very little,
    Life is a long way, mind you,
    Train to start,
    Take the first steps.
  • Congratulations to mom and dad,
    And we wish the baby,
    So that he grows up beyond his years,
    And by the day and by the hour!
  • So as not to cry, not to get sick,
    To eat with appetite!
    To be dexterous, mobile,
    so that only laughter can be heard!
  • Let him grow up happy,
    And he won’t know bad!
    The voice will be ringing –
    Happy birthday – congratulations!
  • You are still only a year old. Only!
    But you’re not that kind of a kid.
    After all, you are already – funny – but walking.
    It’s funny – but you say something.
  • And for parents, you are the most!
    So grow by yourself!
    Grow up for Happiness for dad and mom!
    To the delight of relatives and friends!
    Happy birthday!!!
  • A whole year has passed
    since your birth!
    Go, baby, only forward
    Joy and luck await you!
  • Grow up healthy, beloved
    For joy and fun for us!
    May your life be happy,
    Like a fairy tale, miracles!
  • Thank you, dear daughter,
    For what you are in the world!
    We wish you Happiness
    And your dreams come true!
  • House is filled with guests:
    Share the joy with us –
    Show your sun
    As it became more beautiful in a year
    Whose eyes are there, whose mouth is there?
    Whose clan dominates in him (her)?
  • A year filled with baby
    in the house, the noise, and hullabaloo,
    Kids laughing cheerful, clear,
    You hear here and there.
    Our son is very smart,
    He wants to learn everything himself,
    Mischievous and braggart,
    Bedlam is from him in the house.
    But the son is our Happiness,
    Only with him, there is a meaning in life
  • Happy birthday, baby; you are one year old today!
    I wish you to live in love,
    Let your tummy not torment you,
  • Let my little teeth
    not bother you at all.
    Know, little one, that I love you,
    You deserve the best.
  • Grow up, healthy baby,
    To the delight of all relatives,
    We are very glad that we have you,
    We thank fate every day.

Awesome 1st birthday card messages

  • Happy birthday, baby!
    You have not slept since the morning.
    I have grown up for a whole year,
    You are waiting for gifts and guests!
  • You do not rush to grow up,
    Enjoy your childhood.
    And then, as in your fairy tales,
    You will become a beautiful knight!
  • It’s your birthday today.
    You have grown up for a whole year.
    And we will tell you without a doubt:
    You will be very lucky in life!
  • Roads and discoveries await you,
    Faithful, good friends.
    The happiest events,
    Looking forward to you, baby!
  • Stronger, wiser in many days
    You will become, emerging from the cradle
    Be happy, because there are no relatives of
    You, our beloved child !!!


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