100+ Special Happy 45th Birthday Quotes & Wishes

Happy 45th Birthday Quotes & Happy 45th Wishes: No wonder they say that at 45 – a woman or a man is a berry again! At this age, a woman blooms anew, acquiring a more mature beauty.

Special Happy 45th Birthday Quotes & Wishes

In addition, this is the period when children are already adults, and grandchildren are not always there.

100+ Special Happy 45th Birthday Quotes & Wishes

  • 45, Who? You?
    I don’t believe myself,
    Yes, this cannot be –
    You are much younger. Happy 45th Birthday!
  • Happy 45th Birthday! So that success does not leave –
    Keep the fuse in your soul,
    This is the driving force,
    So that fate bestows goodness.
  • Happy 45th Birthday! And, I hope, the same thing again,
    Remember my word,
    I’ll tell you again
    Exactly in 45.
  • Happy 45th Birthday! So much for 45.
    How not to celebrate here?
    How can you not raise a glass?
    Listen, we will congratulate:
  • May you always be lucky,
    Illness will pass by
    the side, But happiness will enter the house
    And bring wealth.
  • Happy 45th Birthday! Never be discouraged,
    remember the good.
    Be on the seas in summer, swim
    there, sunbathe.
  • What more could you wish for?
    Just do not forget, friends.
    Collect them at the table,
    Do not know loneliness!
  • Happy 45th Birthday! On this beautiful day, I want to shower with compliments and sincere wishes of the brightest, most cheerful, kind, and sympathetic person.
  • 45 happens only once in a lifetime, and therefore shines brighter than the sun, rejoices like a child, hold tight flower bouquets, accept gifts, and know that fate has prepared the most necessary gift – the best years of your life: health, home comfort and the happiest happiness with the happiest loved ones.
  • Happy 45th Birthday! 45 amazing years –
    It’s experience, confidence, maturity.
    I wish you victories.
    Let everything come true.
  • Only mushroom rains may be,
    Only the roads will be true,
    Only the best lies ahead,
    Only the alarms will be pleasant.
  • Happy 45th Birthday! Only to meet the sunrise with loved ones,
    Only to discover the fall of the stars,
    Only pleasant troubles and worries.
  • Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday!
    You are 45 today!
  • It’s time to accept congratulations:
    I wish you joy and happiness,
    Weather in the house without bad weather.
  • Let your health be stronger,
    Work more money and easier,
    Luck leads by the arm,
    Success will find you in everything!
  • Happy 45th Birthday! You are 45 today.
    We have come to congratulate you.
    We wish you well,
    Love, and the sun and warmth.
  • Happy 45th Birthday! Let everything be okay in the family.
    Don’t forget about your friends.
    In all matters, let him be lucky,
    Work only brings joy.

Happy 45th Birthday

Therefore, time appears again that you can devote to yourself. Men associate this age with another, less optimistic proverb: “A gray hair in a beard – a devil in a rib!” A midlife crisis sets in at this age, which does not always go away painlessly.

  • Happy 45th Birthday! And health, of course, I wish,
    Without it, and a cruise is not a cruise. Taking a
    huge life with your heart,
    Hold on to a successful wave!
  • I want to congratulate you on your birthday,
    After all, you are 45 years old.
  • I wish you love, happiness, peace, good!
    Let all dreams come true at once.
  • Happy 45th Birthday! So that in the house – order, warmth, and comfort.
    And so that everything is smooth at work.
    Let the years pass slowly and smoothly,
    And life will always be in abundance.
  • Happy 45th Birthday! I congratulate you on a beautiful jubilee on your 45th birthday!
  • Happy 45th Birthday! May a new stage of joyful events and happy stories begin in life, may the doors to new victories open, may new opportunities appear for achieving goals and fulfilling desires, may love not to leave the heart, may joy always live in the soul!
  • Happy 45th Birthday! 45! Great Birthday!
    Only it seems that it is not even thirty. Please accept
    our congratulations
    With your heart sinking in your chest.
  • Let it be hard to believe that there is so much behind you,
    It seems when will all be in time:
    Maybe not sleep at all at night?
    Maybe not watch TV?
  • Happy 45th Birthday! There are many horizons ahead, a
    heap of plans – the goals of all are innumerable:
    to play weddings for children, to make repairs,
    Grandchildren, a summer residence, and a career!
  • We wish you energy, health,
    so much money that you are too lazy to count them,
    cherish your family, children, love,
    enjoy life every day!
  • Happy 45th Birthday! What age is 45?
    Live and smile!
    Remember that you are always.
    Only eighteen!
  • You are older and wiser.
    Do not regret the past –
    There are many friends nearby,
    You are dear to them all.
  • Happy 45th Birthday! You will live in the world for another fifty years
    , All the Joys of the planet are open for you!
    Your young enthusiasm will not stop!
  • Who can say that you are 45 ?!
    The eyes are burning, and the sun is in the look.
    How do you manage not to grow old?
  • Happy 45th Birthday! It’s all about the kindness of soul,
    In honest, daily work,
    In love, from the heart that comes,
    In the ability to look fashionable.
  • We all need to learn from you:
    It’s not good to waste away from boredom!
    We wish you luck, brilliance, and bright and interesting life.
  • Happy 45th Birthday! Do not know the problems in the family of your beloved!
    Let the joy not pass by.
  • And happiness – without end and edge!
    Congratulations on your birthday!
  • Happy 45th Birthday! 45, such a date,
    That there is nothing to wish for.
    At this age, there must be,
    All that you could dream of.
  • You took place as a person,
    And work to your liking.
    And today we, WELL,
    Celebrate your birthday.
  • Happy 45th Birthday! So that you are loved,
    So that the house is full of happiness,
    So that the children are not naughty,
    And you have a wagon of health.
  • So that the car does not break down,
    So that the boss does not scold,
    So that life is your joy,
    And no one gets.
  • Well, there is no way you can give
    Jubilee 45!
    Therefore, I congratulate
    And wish: “Keep it up!”
  • May health be strong,
    Cell nerves will be restored, Your wallet will become thicker, and You will learn a lot about life.
  • Miracle date 45, We must boldly celebrate,
    Gather guests soon; in honor of such a birthday,
    Let them bring you gifts.
  • A million hot hugs, And cheer you up
    On your forty-fifth birthday!
  • You are 45 today –
    Good mature age.
    We can say a lot of words,
    But we just wish Happy 45th Birthday!

Happy 45th Birthday Quotes for Her or Him

However, this feature does not always manifest itself. At 45, you can go on a journey, start a new hobby, open a new business – the main thing is not to sit still!

  • Happy 45th Birthday! You flourish and prosper,
    May there always be in your soul.
    Let luck knock on the door.
  • Happy 45th Birthday! You, most importantly, believe in it.
    45 is the birthday date.
    Like an important milestone on the way.
    There is health and prosperity,
    And half of my life is yet to come.
  • I wish you success, good luck,
    Believe in miracles, in people and love,
    Be always on horseback, and in addition,
    lead all your friends.
  • Happy 45th Birthday! Fire, fighting spirit
    I wish you for years.
    We need to build plans confidently.
    And never grow old in soul!
  • 45 years is an excellent date,
    Wisdom and experience are already behind my back,
    I wish I live with dignity, richness,
    With a kind smile and a pure soul.
  • So that the family would be surrounded by warmth,
    On weekends, they gathered for tea,
    And all desires were instantly fulfilled,
  • Everything will come true, and only you make a guess!
    Congratulations on your birthday!
  • Happy 45th Birthday! So much for 45, I will not
    repeat about berries This holiday.
  • I wish you to live happily.
    Set goals and dreams,
    Enjoy your life,
    Never lose heart.
  • To wish you at 45 –
    Never lose heart,
    Smile and dream,
    And troubles – do not know at all.
  • Happy 45th Birthday! We wish you on the birthday –
    Many positive days,
    Faithful, loyal friends,
    Life to become more fun,
    The holiday will drive away sadness.
  • I will share with joy,
    And health, because I am proud,
    That person like you,
    I see in my life,
    So health to you forever,
    you are a wonderful person!
  • A wonderful birthday!
    Great bright days!
  • We wish you health; yes, we remind you:
    Work is not a wolf, And children are not a stone,
    To the cinema and to the theater Very nice with friends, Good luck in your orbit!
  • Happy 45th Birthday! 45 – this is the peak of life,
    This is the peak where you can see the whole Earth,
    There is experience, but there is still a reason
    To visit foreign countries in distant lands.
  • I wish to see the wide world,
    To swim in the big ocean,
    Let them not know the timing of holidays,
    Let life be generous with a wallet.
  • Happy 45th Birthday! Daring plans will come true
    In these forty beautiful and five,
    Faraway countries will
    conquer, Where you dream of visiting so far.

Happy 45th Birthday Wishes Messages

  • Good luck, fun, and warmth,
    Happy days without counting,
    So that it is interesting
    And money work.
  • I wish you to sit on Olympus at 45.
  • Develop your career, Run for mayor, Give interviews to newspapers, And meet the dawns in the mountains.
  • Do sports in the morning, And try to stay with your family. And so that luck sticks,
    I keep up with you! Happy 45th Birthday!
  • There is no second such age. At this age – 45!
  • After all, at this time, still a youth
    It gives to know about its strength. Happy 45th Birthday!
  • Energy has not yet been measured, And you have so many things to do, And time is not lost yet, And the world is open before you!
  • And there is no Limit for the 45-year-olds!
  • After all, they are armed with invaluable experience,
    And by sight, they are still young!
  • All important discoveries in the world are Created at this age, And pranks are not forgotten; sometimes everything around is somersault!
  • We congratulate you on your birthday,
    there is no analog!
  • Happy 45th Birthday! You only become wiser,
    But there is no trace of the burden of years.
  • Health to you twenty years old
    And time – a big car!
  • So that money does not bypass you, And let the world be in love with you!
  • Young enthusiasm in the blood –
    45 in total.
  • Happy 45th Birthday! Happiness to you, great love,
    bright dreams, flight!
  • And the delight of work,
    And solid awards.
    Let your star burn – let everyone see!
  • And let the Butterflies flutter forever in the stomach. For walks and fun Enough time.
  • Let the sparkle in your eyes never fade.
    Years are not a problem, and Everything is in chocolate!
  • Congratulations on your birthday, on the date, when it’s time to become a ripe, tasty, sweet berry.
  • Happy 45th Birthday! I wish that everyone around you was surprised at your charm and charm, that loved ones were proud of your successes and deeds, that friends and colleagues sincerely respect you and value friendship with you.
  • Eh, 45! Many years have been lived,
    And how many still have to go.
    You have already understood for a long time,
    This life is good, whatever one may say.
  • There is experience and success behind
    you, you can conquer any distance.
    The cheerful children’s laughter sounded; the kids have become very big.
  • There are still many plans ahead.
    Good luck! To make everything come true!
    Let luck be found along the way,
    And happiness so that it always sparkles in the eyes.
  • Anniversaries are flying, and the arrows are spinning,
    Perron, parting, meeting again,
    It’s time to stay on the way for a while,
    Beautiful date – you are 45.
  • Your loved ones have a special opinion,
    To say something important today,
    This moment is dedicated to You,
    Beautiful date – you are 45. Happy 45th Birthday!
  • An album on the table in a yellowed sheath,
    Open it today and start flipping through,
    Let the children’s photos smile,
    Beautiful date – you are five hundred square meters.
  • Let the warmth surround you.
    And the happiness that you can understand each other,
    Let the years that have passed somewhere melt away,
    Such is the date – you are 45.
  • Let the string of impressions
    spin your head.
    I congratulate you on your birthday,
    I wish you to be always in the ranks.
  • And at 45, and at eighteen.
    You can even dream of falling in love.
    Joke, laugh heartily.
    And never lose heart.
  • 45 – happy years to you today; time begins for decisive victories!
    Behind him is experience, wisdom, understanding of life,
    Everything is subject; everything is given, there would be a desire!
  • Congratulations on your birthday, and we want to wish you
    Happiness, joy, good luck, and never lose heart!
  • Happy birthday – 45,
    Sex is not important – you are a berry again,
    Let it live instability,
    And the heart beats at rest.
  • Health, happiness, and warmth,
    Smiles, joy, kindness.
    Let there be loud laughter everywhere,
    Success accompanies everything.
  • Today you are 45 –
    Not a lot and not a little,
    And now I will wish,
    So that life becomes happy,
  • So that all problems go away
    Now, as far as possible,
    In my soul, so that the roses bloom,
    And there is no falsehood!
  • Today is your special holiday,
    Everything is just for you, and everything is for you,
    And at 45 I wish that the
    Fire of ideas in my soul does not go out.
  • In matters of success and patience,
    And believe in the miracles of victories,
    I wish you a happy birthday
    So that a new blossom comes to life.
  • Positive emotions, peace
    And your most loyal friends,
    And so that the soul quickly opens
    its door to cherished dreams.
  • 45 is a wonderful birthday,
    And the most beautiful date in your life,
    I want to wish, to be more fun,
    To always have abundance in the house!
  • Let the family circle side by side,
    Give tenderness and attention with care,
    Let the eyes shine with joy, Filling the soul of happiness with a note!