30+ Unique 17th Birthday Gift Ideas of 2022

What can you give a 17-year-old? Unique 17th Birthday Gift Ideas. What do young like? We believe they are worthy of compliments, attention, and the best 17th Birthday Gifts.

Best Unique 17th Birthday Gift Ideas

Our list is with just such Unique 17th Birthday Gift Ideas – unusual and practical, original and unexpected.

30+ Unique 17th Birthday Gift Ideas of 2022

1. Cool watch

An excellent watch is a great gift idea for a 17-year-old. In the age of mobile devices, the accessory does not lose popularity. Today watches complete a fashionable look, indicate status. When choosing a watch for a 17-year-old girl or boy, pay attention to unusual and creative designs, bright colors.

2. Smart pot

Find a cute living flower and buy an intelligent planter that will take care of it – water and fertilizer on time.

3. Painting

Painting on boards with a pleasant image. A favorite photo, animal, frame from the film – the picture will fit into any interior.

4. Belt

Belt made of soft genuine leather. Fashion is fast-paced, but the quality is always valuable. You can find an excellent handmade accessory on the birthday boy or in a unique tube.

5. Cool pillow

Anti-stress 3D, in the form of a funny animal or smiley. Celtic knot pillow, hug pillow, pillow muff, long pillow with your photos.

6. Computer USB gadgets

a lighter with a flashlight, a vacuum cleaner for a keyboard, a fan (including a luminous one), a heating stand.

7. Unusual piggy bank

For example, an ATM piggy bank, a cat thief, or a Japanese cat Maneki Neko.

8. LED-backlit note board

A similar option is a magnetic slate board. Or a wall-mounted corkboard. You can attach notes, small items to it.

9. Laser system

The laser system that creates the illusion of a “starry night.” Creates a festive atmosphere at parties. The LED disco lamp creates a similar effect.

10. Polaroid cameras

Instant print camera, A gadget that instantly materializes positive emotions, events, and impressions.

11. Silver pendant

Silver pendant, bracelet, or ring with name engraved. Individual jewelry is a great birthday present for a 17-year-old girl.

12. Dream Catcher

According to legend, a dream catcher protects from evil night spirits, protects dreams. The present is suitable for those who believe in otherworldly forces.

13. Balance board

This is a fun game and a balance trainer, a great way to keep fit without leaving your home.

14. Unusually designed diary

In the style of magical worlds or in the form of a vampire diary. The rubber cover looks like a door to the underworld.

15. 3D Images

Three-dimensional images create the illusion that a simple diary contains all the many secrets.

16. Dumbbell alarm clock

A useful present will help you wake up on time and not forget about your morning workout. Indeed, in order for the dumbbell to “shut up,” it must be lifted 15 times. After this, you will definitely not fall asleep! A good alternative is a runaway alarm clock.

17. Prefabricated 3D model of the box with a secret

Assembled without glue, tools, and any skills. It will give pleasure during assembly and allow you to observe the work of all mechanisms.

18. Constructor

A friend who loves intellectual leisure will like it. The unique constructor will decorate the interior, keep treasures and secrets safe.

19. Eternal rose in a flask

A living flower treated with glycerin is capable of giving beauty for 5 years.

20. Reusable diary-constructor

Like an organized and practical person who carefully plans their affairs, the original notebook has an innovative composition of paper and an ecolabel with erasable ink. The pages of this boring assistant can be used unlimited times.

21. Sports headphones

With a secure fit, with additional protection against moisture and falls. An ideal gift for a girl for whom music and sports are inseparable.

22. Hair straightening comb

The present will appeal to a girl with wavy hair who loves to straighten curls without disturbing their volume. Strands are instantly smooth from a simple brushing.

23. Cool styler

An unusual shape, without tangling strands, with a special ceramic coating, when heated, emitting microparticles of argan oil. Hair does not suffer from hot styling and receives effective careā€”the best tech gift from the top beauty gadgets.

24. Manicure device

Manicure device with attachments for filing, grinding, and polishing nails. Better to buy a compact model that is convenient to take with you.

25. Selfidron

It is a foldable quadcopter with a built-in camera for capturing photos and videos. The flight of the device is monitored via a smartphone.

26. Telescope

A telescope for aspiring astronomers. The device allows you to see the details of the lunar relief up to 8 km in size, the phases of Venus, the surface of Mars, the belt of Jupiter, the ring of Saturn.

27. Slippers

Slippers in the form of a cute animal or paws of a “serious” snow leopard and leopard. It’s funny to see, instead of your human feet, the paws of a beast with powerful claws.

28. Perfumer’s set

Opens the world of aromas, reveals the secrets of aromatic formulas, allows you to create your own unique perfume.

29. Shinguards

This is an element of protective equipment in power martial arts: sambo, grappling, fights without rules, hand-to-hand combat, jiu-jitsu. It looks like gloves with clipped “fingers.”

30. Magnetic photo frames

The design is reminiscent of a Polaroid shot, but instead of white brims – a modern print. A wonderful present for those who love the unusual in the interior. Party shots will look even cooler with these frames!

31. Pocket organ

An amazing handcrafted music box is a great way to play along with your 17th birthday quotes! When the organ is installed on different surfaces, the tone of the melody changes. A nice present for a music lover.

Tips and Tricks on How Best to Choose a Gift for 17 Years

We offer 7 effective tips that will turn congratulations into a real event. Tips on how to make a gift unforgettable, what to give a 17-year-old boyfriend or girlfriend:

Hand it effectively.

Don’t underestimate the pleasure of finding and unpacking a gift, especially at 17. Be creative, get creative.

Alternatively, prepare a surprise in an unusual (memorable, romantic) place by sending the hero of the occasion to search for treasures. Let him use the clue codes that you will hide in his favorite book, balloon, soft toy, in Tuzik’s collar – anywhere.

There are never too many gifts.

Sometimes quantity turns into quality. This is exactly the case: several small presents are nicer than one big one.

Impressions are not forgotten.

For a gift to be remembered, you need positive emotions. Instead of a trivial presentation, focus on ideas that are full of vibrant feelings. A lover of cooking can be handed the usual set of dishes, or you can have dinner at the best restaurant in the city or a lesson from a master of haute cuisine.

Make a list

The list of our ideas is quite long. Before making the final choice, make your personal list of things that define the essence of the birthday person. After spending a few minutes, you will clearly define the circle of 17th birthday gift ideas, and using the “brainstorming” method, reduce it to a minimum. And then leave the coolest option.

A look into the past

It is quite possible that the recipient of the gift recently graduated from school – present a cool album for school photos. Niece got a dog – please her pet. Your little brother’s game console is broken – buy a new one! By looking at the past, it is easier to find the key to the future.

Appreciate the present

Think about what the birthday boy needs at this particular moment of his life. Most likely, there are exams ahead, student life: with fun entertainment, but also with a different way of life. Maybe the best gift would be paying for a tutor, a mini coffee maker, or a disco ball for parties?

Useful information

In the digital age, everyone is surrounded by a train of useful information. It can be used to judge hobbies, character, current needs.

Explore the pages of social networks, read the messages on the forums – you will definitely understand the direction for finding a 17th birthday gift idea.


Discard any stereotypes, turn on your imagination and prepare for the holiday in advance. Choose a 17th birthday gift ideas that will be of interest to the birthday person: active, purposeful, drive. Give joy!