59 Best 6 Year Old Boy Birthday Gift Ideas of 2022

The Best 6 Year Old Boy Birthday Gift Ideas: Little boys are curious fidgets. Therefore, a gift for a 6-year-old boy should correspond to his interests. Sports, drawing, applied art, modeling. If you and your little one are still undecided about your preferences, use our list of 6 year old boy birthday gift ideas.

59 Best 6 Year Old Boy Birthday Gift Ideas of 2022

Top 59 Best 6 Year Old Boy Birthday Gift Ideas

We have collected options, among which you can choose a suitable 6 year old boy birthday gift ideas. Here are collected best birthday gifts ideas for 6 year old for preschool boys in several directions—sports, creativity, development, and, of course, toys. If you are interested in an idea, click on the name to go to the store.

1. Electric Railway

The locomotive and cars can be controlled like a real train driver by pressing the control panel’s levers.

2. Cars on Radio Control

When buying such a gift, stock up on batteries. They are not always included.

3. Cars From Popular Cartoons

PAW Patrol, Thomas and Friends, Cars, and other popular cartoon characters are collected in one catalog of toy cars.

4. Welly Machines

The manufacturer creates miniature copies of real cars that drive on the roads of Russia. From Lada to Mercedes. In the Welly collection, you can find the car that your family has.

5. Quadrocopter

Radio-controlled flying drones are all-boys’ dream. Both small and large. With such a gift, you will definitely take both the child and dad for the whole day.

6. Toy Trains from Chuggington

These are coloring pages, playsets, and large tracks with trains from the popular cartoon.

7. Cars and Auto Tracks Hot Wheels

This brand is known for its quality. Collectible sports cars, pick-ups, vans, and motorcycles fully replicate realistic models.

8. Flexible track

The track for cars needs to be assembled from several dozen parts, and it can be of the shape that the boy wants.

9. Ships and boats

It can be not only a one-piece model but also a team. To launch your boat in the bathroom or in the river, you will have to spend time and assemble it with your dad.

10. Parking lots and garages

Boys’ favorite toy. The parking descent is a spiral slide with which it is a lot of fun to run small cars.

11. Transbots

From the point of view of parents, these are the most useful transformers. They transform from civilian or military special equipment into letters or numbers.

12. Tobots

This is a popular boy’s toy based on the Korean cartoon Tobot. Each figure transforms into a machine that can make sounds and flash.

13. Transformers Wild Screachers

These machines transform into techno animals, birds, insects, and spiders. The toys are based on the animated series of the same name.

14. Transformers Monkart

Toys based on the cartoon about the magic kingdom of Monkart. If the birthday boy watches this cartoon, he will like the gift.

15. Transformers Bumblebee

The popular transformer not only turns into a car but also knows how to sing and even dance.

16. Transformers and cars Robocar Poli

Cute and useful transforming cars: ambulance, fire, and police cars.

17. Super-heroes MARVEL

Spiderman figurines, stretching superman, iron man virtual reality mask, and other products with superhero logos in one catalog.

18. Stretching Superman

The toy can be stretched 4-6 times. Stretched out, it will always take its original shape.

19. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

All toys are mobile and can take spectacular poses. In addition, there are sets with cars and motorcycles.

20. Batman and Superman

Figures of popular heroes will delight the little birthday boy. There are stretch toys that expand up to 6 times when stretched.

21. Rusty Rivets

The toys are made based on the cartoon “Grow the Mechanic”, where the main character creates wonderful machines. It doesn’t cost him anything to make a mechanical dog or a dinosaur, make a robot ultra-fast, flying, or super strong.

22. Cartoon Heroes

Toys from cartoons are a long-awaited gift for a 6-year-old boy if his parents guess right with their favorite superhero. The catalog contains more than 50 characters from various cartoons.

23. Interactive robots

Most modern interactive toys can not only walk or drive, but also speak, repeat your phrases, and execute simple commands.

24. Children’s camera

 Such a toy has the basic functions of a conventional camera and a lot of additional ones. For example, a built-in photo processing service. And the plastic case will withstand drops and splashes of water. If you have already mastered the camera – look at the children’s video camera:

25. Children’s watch

A useful gadget that will help a child understand how to correctly determine the time. There are models that are equipped with a photo and video camera, and you can play games on a wide display.

26. Twister

A fun game for the company. Develops agility and flexibility of the body. Perfect for a children’s party.

27. Roller skates

For children, videos for growth have been invented. They contain several sizes at once, which are adjustable along the length of the foot.

28. Two-wheeled bicycle

 If your boy already knows how to ride a bike, you can buy a model without additional wheels with a tire diameter of 16-20 inches. Please note that it is better to have a foot brake. With it, the bike stops more smoothly.

29. Scooter

Despite its simplicity, it is a very useful sports toy. Strengthens the vestibular apparatus, helps to maintain balance, and thereby strengthens the health of the child. Look at the winter scooter on skis.

30. Trainer for Jumping

Develops a sense of balance and endurance. There is a built-in jump timer.

31. Badminton and Tennis

You can play them anywhere. They develop an ordinary, desire to win, and agility.

32. Kite

The toy will make your summer walk unforgettable. This is not only vivid impressions but also a great warm-up because to fly a kite, you need to run a lot.

33. Swimming Circle and Arm Ruffles

The circle is suitable for learning the basics of swimming. And sleeves are an important accessory for boys who have already learned to float. They are attached to the arms and hold the child, giving him confidence.

34. Blaster NERF

Popular toy weapons. Blasters shoot soft bullets, so they are suitable for children’s play. But you still need to follow the safety rules.

35. Ice Skates

There are sliding structures that gradually increase the skates by 5 sizes. This model will last for several years.

36. Iceworms

The main advantage is the lightness of the ice. They can be worn by a child.

37. Snow Scooter

Winter transport is equipped with ski runners, so it glides well and develops a decent speed when going downhill.

38. Snowblaster

The original snow blower will be a pleasant find for those who like to play snowballs. After all, this toy sculpts and launches balls by itself.

39. Snowboard

A good outdoor gifts for 6 year old boy who wants to master this sport. Snowboarding is taught from 3-4 years old. However, you can start learning with simple skis.

40. Tubing (cheesecake)

The children’s cheesecake is designed for fun downhill skiing. Downhill and ascent keep children moving and spending a lot of time outdoors.

41. Fiction books

An interesting book instills a love of reading. Choose books about famous characters and with vivid illustrations.

42. Fairy tales

gift a book with the text in large letters. The boy himself will be able to read his favorite fairy tales.

43. Children’s audiobooks

Such books will help develop the imagination and gift characters in a different way, and not like in a book. There are no illustrations here. The child will learn to listen and perceive the text by ear.

44. Books to prepare for school

Surely you are already preparing your son for school, and for this, it is worth purchasing several books. For example, the alphabet or the basics of arithmetic.

45. Nominal tale about your child

This is an unusual book where the main character is your son. The edition has several stories to choose from. Complete the story with personal details from the boy’s life to make it more like a character with a child.

46. Wooden constructor

The details of such a constructor are mini-logs for the construction of a wooden fortress or a simple house. Collecting them, the boy will get an idea of ​​the construction of real houses.

47. 3D constructor 

These are bricks that look like puzzles. You can assemble anything from them: a house, a car, an animal.

48. Constructor Lego

The most popular construction set for children. Each episode has a storyline: City, Superheroes, Ninjago, Disney Characters, and others.

49. Constructor Magformers

 A popular brand among magnetic constructors. Hidden in the details are magnets that hold the whole structure together. From such a set, you can collect an incredible number of different objects: houses and towers, a rocket and an airplane, a flower, and an asterisk.

49. Self-taught pen

This is a trainer for kids who are learning to write. There is a special pad on the handle that helps to hold the handle correctly.

50. 3D pens

An innovative accessory that allows you to create three-dimensional shapes. Additionally, you can purchase special plastic, from which 3D drawings are obtained.

51. Globe

It will help to visualize the ratio of countries and continents to the child. If you often travel across countries, gift a white globe on which you need to paint the countries you have visited.

52. Optical devices

This is a microscope, planetarium, and telescope. Such devices will help instill in your child an interest in science.

53.Spy kits 

The boy will like to play as a special agent because, in addition to a magnifying glass and binoculars, the set contains walkie-talkies and even a pen with invisible ink.

54. Children’s tools

Very realistic tools for working like a dad. Screwdrivers, pliers, keys. True, they are made of thick plastic and therefore safe.

55. Kits for robotics

They will allow you to create your own robot that will walk, drive, and flashlights. There are sets for 6-year-olds.

56. Yulu Board Games

Various games are sold under this brand: “Safecracker”, “Battle of Geckos”, “Table bowling” and others. A distinctive feature is that everywhere you need to solve riddles and come up with options for how to get out of a difficult situation.

57. Pottery wheel for children

Burning wood is not only fun. It introduces the child to creativity, coordinates his actions, teaches him to bring things to the end.

58. Birdhouse with their own hands

Such a craft will help you master the basics of construction and teach you how to take care of birds. Soon “new settlers” will appear in this house. This hobby teaches the child to manual labor, develops imagination and hand motor skills. The lessons will result in original clay products.

59. Tablet “Draw with light”

An image is applied to the tablet screen using a special light marker. The result is a bright picture that is clearly visible in the dark.

What do you get a 6 year old for their birthday?

A 6 year old boy birthday gift ideas should be interesting and safe. At this age, children have a lot of hobbies.


Both mental and physical development is important to them. But they are still small children, so adult gifts will be irrelevant and even dangerous for them.