50+ Sarcastic Halloween Birthday Wishes & Quotes of 2022

Do you have a loved one celebrating their birthday on Halloween? Send them happy Halloween birthday images, wishes, and quotes to help them celebrate.

50+ Sarcastic Halloween Birthday Wishes & Quotes of 2022

Sarcastic Halloween Birthday Wishes and Quotes of 2022

Halloween is the time of the year when we put on our costumes, decorate our curb with pumpkins and spooky decors, give out candies to children, and go to Halloween parties. For some people though, there’s one more reason to party and celebrate on Halloween: they’re celebrating their birthdays. 

Those who are celebrating their birthdays on Halloween deserve a double treat. We’ve come up with over 50 Sarcastic Halloween Birthday Wishes and Quotes of 2022 to send to your friend or family on their birthday. We’ve added some happy Halloween birthday images too. Feel free to use or adapt the Halloween birthday wishes on this list.

Halloween Birthday Wishes

Happy Halloween Birthday Wishes

  • Trick or treat! Happy Halloween Birthday to you! Hope you receive a treat from everyone.
  • I am sending you my birthday wishes to keep your spirits up. Happy Halloween Birthday!
  • Have a fang-tastic birthday to you! Happy Halloween too!
  • Happy Birthday, boo-tiful! I hope you have a fun Halloween and birthday party.
  • Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday! Wishing you plenty of thrills tonight.
  • Witching you a wickedly Happy Birthday and Halloween!
  • You must be very special because everyone in town is partying on your birthday! Happy Birthday and Happy Halloween!
  • We wish you the spookiest birthday ever! Happy Halloween!
  • Happy birthday! I have now come to a conclusion that you are a vampire because you don’t age apparently.
  • You’re so special to us that’s why we dressed up on your birthday. Halloween has got nothing to do with it. Happy birthday!

  • The cutest monster deserves the spookiest birthday party. Happy birthday!
  • Happy Halloween birthday to you. Just want to remind you that you’re too old for trick or treating.
  • Happy birthday-Halloween. Congratulations! You’re at the age when you can spook others on Halloween without needing to wear a costume. 
  • Happy birthday! Let’s raise hell on your birthday!
  • Happy birthday to someone sweeter than all the Halloween candies combined.
  • Happy Halloween birthday! Hope you have a spook-tacular birthday and Halloween.
  • Happy birthday to the only person I know who always has a Halloween-themed party.
  • Have a killer birthday and Halloween party!
  • You must be so special because everyone dresses up and parties on your birthday. Happy Halloween birthday!
  • Happy birthday and happy Halloween! I hope you have a fun and scary party. 

  • Happiest birthday to the cutest monster I know! Happy Halloween too!
  • Happy birthday and Halloween! May your Halloween be less scary than aging!
  • Wishing you one hell of a birthday! Happy Halloween too.
  • You’re in for a double treat since it is your birthday and it’s Halloween too. Happy Birthday and Happy Halloween!
  • Happy Birthday Halloween! I hope no one plays a trick on you tonight!
  • Happy Birthday and Happy Halloween to the most awesome monster in town.
  • I hope you don’t mind me sending you Halloween birthday images on your special day. Happy Birthday!
  • To the most boo-tiful girl I know, Happy Halloween Birthday! I hope you have a great time. 
  • Grab your broomstick and have the best time! Happy Birthday, my witch!
  • I made sure I got you a gift and a perfect birthday greeting so that you won’t haunt me. Happy Birthday and Happy Halloween!
  • Have a thrilling birthday! Happy Halloween!
  • Happy Halloween! Hope you have a wonderful birthday and Halloween.
  • Don’t let the ghosts and monsters spook you on your birthday. Happy Halloween Birthday!
  • Will you get a double treat or double trick? Happy Birthday and Happy Halloween!
  • We didn’t forget your birthday candles for your cake. It’s just we used them to light the Jack O’ Lanterns. Have a spooky Birthday-Halloween!
  • You don’t need to have your own birthday party. We’ll just crash every Halloween party in the neighborhood to save some bucks. Happy Birthday and Happy Halloween!
  • Wishing you the best Halloween-Birthday party ever. I hope you have a good time.
  • You’re lucky to have your birthday today. All you need is to dress up and crash a Halloween party. Happy Halloween Birthday!
  • Hoping you have a monsterrific day! Happy Birthday and Happy Halloween!
  • Dust off your best costume cause we’re having a Halloween-themed party on your birthday. Just like last year, and the year before. And the year before that also. Happy Birthday!
  • I hope that you have a fun and sweet birthday-Halloween today.
  • On this day, you can be anyone. Have a Happy Birthday and Happy Halloween. 

Horror Birthday Wishes for a Friend on Halloween

  • We heard you loved clowns as a kid. That’s why we invited Pennywise the Dancing Clown to your party. Happy birthday!
  • Happy Birthday! Jason, Michael, and Freddy are at the door. They’re saying you’re a good friend of theirs.
  • Happy Halloween! I heard you love dolls so I got five of them for your birthday. Their names are Anabelle, Chucky, Billy, Brahms, and Slappy. Hope you like them.
  • Happy birthday and Happy Halloween! Beware of the candyman. He’s not out to give candies. 
  • Ghost Face is sending you a happy birthday and Halloween wishes! 
  • Because your birthday is on Halloween, I am sending you the very best Halloween birthday images featuring the best men in town: Hollow Man, Candy Man, Sandman, and Slender Man. 
  • Michael Myers is here to cut your birthday cake. Happy Birthday and Happy Halloween!

Happy Birthday Wishes for a Girlfriend on Halloween

  • Happy Birthday, Bae. I’m brewing the best birthday surprise for you. Happy Halloween too.
  • You’re the most beautiful witch I know. Just kidding. Happy Birthday Halloween to you my babe. Remember that I love you and I’ll always be here for you. 
  • No one’s gonna play tricks on you tonight Hon. I’m making sure that you’ll only get treats on your birthday this Halloween. 
  • Happy Birthday and Happy Halloween! You’ll get double treats from me today darling.
  • You’re the Halloween pumpkin that lights my way. Happy Birthday Halloween to you my girl. 
  • I don’t mind getting bitten by a vampire if it’s you. Happy Birthday and Happy Halloween, Babe. 
  • Tonight I’m just gonna hang out with my fang-tastic girlfriend. Happy Birthday and Happy Halloween. 
  • Happy Birthday, my enchantress. I hope you have a great time this Halloween night. 

The Story of Halloween

We know that Halloween is the day for dressing up as scary or popular characters, doing trick or treating, and decorating our houses with carved pumpkins. But how did Halloween start?

Halloween Birthday Wishes

Halloween Origins

The word Halloween came from All Hallow Eve which means the eve of Hallows Day which we now know as All Saints Day. Hallow is the old word for holy or saint. All Saints Day was instituted by the Catholic Church. However, Halloween has pagan roots and its origin can be traced back to long before the Catholic Church spread in Europe. 

Many historians believe that Halloween originated from the Celtic Festival of Samhain. This celebration marks the end of summer and the beginning of winter. 

Samhain is a festival to welcome the new year so the Celts were mostly celebrating – feasting and drinking. They were also stocking up on food for the winter so they slaughtered cattle and threw their bones into the fire (bone fire which eventually became the word bonfire). 

But the Celts also believed that the boundary between the world of the living and the dead becomes blurred on the eve of the new year. So while they are celebrating, they are also wary of ghosts who might be wandering around at this time. They wore disguises or put ash on their face to avoid the ghosts of evil nature. On the other hand, the ghosts of the departed loved ones were welcomed and offered food.

When Christianity arrived in Europe, the Celts in what is now Ireland had been celebrating the Samhain for a long time. The Christians introduced All Hallows Eve (All Saints Day) to the Celts. However, the original All Saints Day was on the 13th of May. It was later moved to November 1st during the reign of Pope Gregory III. October 31st became All Hallows Eve. 

In 1000 AD, the church also institutionalized All Souls Day on the second of November, a day to honor the dead, maybe in an attempt to replace the pagan festival. But the pagan festival Samhain stuck and influenced the celebration of All Hallows Eve which we know now as Halloween. 

Halloween celebration was popularized in the United States during the surge of immigrants in the second half of the 19th century. 

Samhain/Halloween has evolved throughout the centuries and there are some differences in the way it is celebrated in different regions of the world but some of the elements of the festival like wearing disguises to ward off bad spirits remain to this day.

50+ Sarcastic Halloween Birthday Wishes and Quotes of 2022-Conclusion

Halloween is a fun but sometimes spooky day for everyone. Those who are celebrating their birthday on this day can have double the fun and treats. They deserve the best horror birthday wishes from you. 

We hope that these sarcastic Halloween birthday wishes, quotes, and images have helped you lift up your friend’s spirit on his birthday (hopefully not other spirits).