1st Birthday Party Supplies for Girl – What Do You Need?

1st Birthday Party Supplies for Girl: Your 1st birthday girl party supplies will be fun and quite often pink, but what do you really need? There is no point spending a fortune on lots of bits that you won’t use and a good way to avoid this is to have a plan!

1st Birthday Party Supplies for Girl  What Do You Need

1st Birthday Party Supplies for Girl – What Do You Need?

Having a First Birthday theme is also a great way to save you money. Sounds mad but if you stick with a theme rather than buying and making everything that will look cute you can spend less.

Start by thinking about where you will want your decorations.

You will need decorations for the room that the party is in – not the whole house, if your party is in the backyard then you may want to have balloons or party signs through the house.

You may want a couple of items outside by the front door so that everyone knows that the party is here! That can be as simple as some balloons tied to the front door or gate. Or you could go for it and theme your front door too! If you are having an animal party you could make the front door into the gates of the birthday zoo!

When you buy

When you buy the decorations think about the areas that you want to be decorated and areas that you can decorate.

As well as big decorations you will also want party bits for the table, a party tablecloth, plates, cups – for the adults, bibs, and hats. You also may want to decorate the birthday girl’s high chair because it looks very cute in the photos!

It goes without saying that you will need party food and drinks for your guests and the all-important 1st birthday cake!

If you are having any party games then you may need prizes and the game as well!

And you may want to have party favors or party bags.

There are also practical birthday supplies that you will need; wipes, wipes, and more wipes! 1st birthday parties tend to get messy, especially when there is birthday cake involved.