The Best Halloween Birthday Party Ideas of 2022

The best Halloween birthday party ideas: A Halloween birthday party is now a lot of fun for young and old. So how about a Halloween birthday party for a children’s birthday party? Every child should be excited about a scary birthday party.

Best Halloween Birthday Party Ideas

Disguising in a ghost costume, playing around with dummy skulls and skeletons or applying make-up as a devil, witch, magician, or pumpkin, plus creepy decorations and games – and the food and drinks at the Halloween children’s birthday party can also be really creepy.

The Best Halloween Birthday Party Ideas of 2022

How Do You Throw a Halloween Birthday Party?

This post gives you tips and suggestions on how to organize a perfect Halloween birthday party at a children’s birthday party.

I have also added some video playlists with numerous Halloween birthday party ideas and instructions so that you are sure to find the right one for you.

And if there is no children’s birthday, Halloween is a welcome occasion for another children’s birthday party 😉 Then everyone can go collect candy together.

Here I have already shared a small video for you in which briefly introduces you to some Halloween birthday party ideas for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 years old. Have fun with it!

Preparation of the Halloween Birthday Party

First of all, a certain birthday party motto is also important for a Halloween birthday party at a children’s birthday party.


You should determine this when planning, for example, “Famous horror creatures”, “In the scary hotel”, “Witch birthday party”, “Spooky ghosts” etc. You can basically choose any topic, provided it can be combined with Halloween & horror.

Birthday Party Motto

You should already integrate the birthday party motto into the invitation and coordinate the invitation card with the motto.


The guests are already in the mood for the Halloween birthday party motto when they receive the invitation and can plan the right disguise right away. The note that it is compulsory to wear a costume should also be noted on the invitation card.

Design a Haunted House Out of Cardboard

For example, you can design a haunted house out of cardboard and write the invitation text behind the opening doors.

Cut a pumpkin

Cut a pumpkin out of orange-colored cardboard and stick a funny grimace on it is a very simple invitation card idea for a pumpkin birthday party.

Spiders, ghosts, bats, witches, wizards, etc

Spiders, ghosts, bats, witches, wizards, etc. can also be wonderfully designed as Halloween birthday party invitations and ensure that the kids are excited and scared.

Matching costumes

Matching costumes are very important to create an authentic Halloween flair. That is why we only recommend topics that are pretty scary and creepy.

Halloween Children’s Birthday Party Decoration

A really cool horror birthday party also includes the right Halloween decoration of the birthday party room. For this, you can turn the room into a robber or bat cave, a crypt, vampire dump, or a witch’s house.

Decorate with classic decorative items

There are classic decorative items such as garlands, balloons, pennants, and banners in a horror design to decorate the horror birthday party room, on which for example ghosts, pumpkins, witches, or cobwebs are depicted.

Skeletons and skull symbols

Skeletons and skull symbols always have a creepy effect on the guest and should therefore not be missing.

Cover the walls with black cloths

You can cover the walls with black cloths and the windows should be as opaque as possible. Everything can be angled and you can use dark booths because these radiate a creepy coziness.

Buy artificial cobwebs

You can buy artificial cobwebs, these can be pulled apart wonderfully and spread on the door and the furniture in the room.

Distribute plastic spiders or self-made spiders on it, bats, ravens, owls, etc. go very well with Halloween and can be easily made by yourself or buy them ready-made.

Alternatively, instead of the cobwebs, you can simply attach white sheets over the furniture with spiders, etc. on top.

Draw bats on gray and black construction paper

Draw bats on gray and black construction paper and cut them out, pull the thread through and hang up.

Make Bat Garlands by Folding Construction Paper

You can make bat garlands by folding construction paper to the desired size, drawing a bat on it, and cutting it out (leaving a connection). Then unfold it, paint on faces and the bat garland is ready.

Pumpkin Halloween Birthday Party

For the pumpkin Halloween birthday party, pumpkins of all kinds are suitable as decorative, which are distributed everywhere. Pumpkin lanterns can easily be tinkered with glasses that are pasted with orange transparent or crepe paper and then painted on with faces.

Paint Pumpkins on the Windows

You can paint pumpkins on the windows with window colors or window colors. Also exciting is a course through which a simple path, such as the buffet or the toilet, becomes a secret passage.

Bright lighting is not an optimal

Light also plays an important role. Of course, bright lighting is not an optimal choice for a Halloween birthday party.

Instead, you should use many small, diffuse light sources, such as lamps draped with cloths or many small, ghostly lanterns. However, the risk of fire must be taken into account.

Flickering incandescent lamps or flashing fairy lights

Flickering incandescent lamps or flashing fairy lights, which cause a lightning effect, are just as suitable. You can choose warm colors like orange or red, but cool colors like blue, green, or purple look scary.

In the following playlist, you will find some helpful instruction videos that will give you further ideas on how to make your own Halloween birthday party decorations. There is sure to be a lot for you!

Halloween Birthday Party Food for Kids

You should, of course, align the food and drinks with the theme of Halloween. You are allowed to have a certain disgust factor.

With a little imagination, you don’t need your own Halloween recipes, because with food coloring, sugar script, red juice, and green jelly, a lot can be changed in such a way that it looks creepy or even spoiled.

Here are some Halloween dishes that you can make yourself quickly and easily.

Bake ghosts

Bake ghosts out of yeast or quark oil dough, cover with icing or white glaze and draw on the face with dark, sugar-coated letters.

Red eyes

Red eyes: soak lychees in red grape juice overnight.

Chopped off fingers

Chopped off fingers: Spread half Vienna sausages on a plate, almonds as nails, and ketchup over and next to it. You can get chopped-off fingers as a sweet variant by shaping half fingers out of shortbread cookie dough, pressing in almond as a nail, and baking.

Donuts With White Icing and Then Draw a Spider Web

Cover donuts with white icing and then draw a spider web with a spider on it with a sugar script. Alternatively, just paint on a spider web and put a fruit gum spider on it.

Lemon cake

Bake a lemon cake, cover it with white icing, then use fondant to create a Halloween scene that corresponds to the birthday party motto. For example ghosts, bats, cobwebs & spiders, etc.

Alternatively, you can of course simply paint the cake with sugar script and add fruit gum spiders and other figures.

Chocolate cake in a Gugelhupf form

Bake the chocolate cake in a Gugelhupf form, turn it inside out, cover it with an orange glaze and draw a pumpkin face on it with sugar script.

Bake muffins and pour red frosting covered in blood

Bake your favorite muffins and pour red frosting over the muffins to make them look like they’re covered in blood.

Ghostly cake toppers are also available for cakes, which can even be eaten. You can send a photo of your child online and then a cake topper will be printed with the photo surrounded by ghosts.

Use skull candles

Instead of the usual birthday candles, you can use skull candles for the Halloween birthday party. You can also choose cake molds or cookie cutters in the shape of a skull, a ghost, or a witch.

Fruit gums

Of course, there are also numerous sweets that look really disgusting. Fruit gums, in particular, are available in all varieties: spiders, Dracula teeth, glitters (eyes), worms, snakes, speared witch eyes, and much more.

Disposable tableware

Disposable tableware that goes directly to the Halloween birthday party is available in stores, for example, plates, mugs, and serviettes with matching motifs such as pumpkins or ghosts.

I have also put together a video playlist for you for this. You will surely find more good ideas and Halloween recipes here.

Halloween Birthday Party Games

Basically, you can make the usual children’s birthday games here too, but you should give the games a touch of horror.

  • For example, you can hold a dinner competition with nauseating-looking delicacies or tell a scary puzzle or a scary story with a gruesome grave voice.
  • On a CD, you can create the right noises in the background to create a scary atmosphere.
  • This background noise, for example, howling or gruesome laughter, should not be too loud. There are funny bouncing bouncy balls with a skeleton inside or an enclosed ghost as a giveaway or consolation prizes for the games.
  • A creepy and funny part of the children’s birthday party could also be surprising participants, who suddenly appear in costumes and give the guests goosebumps. These actors could occasionally appear as horror figures or hover through the birthday party room like a ghost.
  • It is also very popular when Halloween is combined with collecting sweets together or a creepy night walk. For this, you could prepare stations with creepy inserts on the planned route, which can be explored with a flashlight.
  • Maybe the guests can sleep right there. An overnight birthday party with a night hike and offers enough scope for horror interludes.

Here are some more Halloween games with different birthday party themes:

Mummy wrapping game

The children form pairs, one child is the mummy, the other wraps “his mummy” completely with toilet paper. The fastest pair wins.

Ghost race

This is a relay race of 2 groups with a plate on which a ghost is enthroned (white balloon with a face). As soon as a ghost falls, that child has to start again. The group that has all children at the finish line first is the winner.

Ghost dance

Put on music, the ghosts haunt and float through the room. As soon as the music stops, they must stop petrified. Anyone who still moves is eliminated until a winner has been determined.

Witches games

  • Witches Dance 1: The witches and wizards dance to the music or ride their brooms through the room. As soon as the music stops, they must stop petrified. Anyone who still moves is eliminated.
  • Hexentanz 2: There are witch brooms or hats distributed around the room, but one less than children. The children dance to the music and as soon as it stops, each child has to grab a broom or hat. Those who don’t get one are eliminated Now a broom or hat is also removed from the game and the game continues. This game is a modification of the “Journey to Jerusalem”.

Pumpkin games

  • Pumpkin Run: Is played like the Egg Run, but with a small decorative pumpkin on the spoon.
  • Pumpkin harvest: Cut out small pumpkins from paper and distribute them on the table next to the children. Now every child is given a straw and a bowl or paper plate.

The children use the straw to harvest the pumpkins and place them in their bowls. Whoever has all his pumpkins in the bowl first is the winner.


Here I have a playlist with instruction videos for Halloween make-up for you: Finally, I hope you enjoy trying out the suggestions and tips!