20+ Birthday Toast for Friend, Mom, Wife & Girlfriend of 2022

Happy Birthday Toast for Friend, Mom, Wife & Girlfriend: Habits can be treated differently, but it is impossible to ignore. It is customary to celebrate the most important events in life at an abundant table, with relatives, friends, acquaintances, or colleagues.

Birthday Toast for Friend, Mom, Wife & Girlfriend

Birthday Toast

And of course, the right feast cannot be imagined without well-aimed toasts. The birthday party is no exception here. TheBirthdayBest found the best birthday toasts on the Internet for a loved one.

Birthday Toast for Friend

Of course, the best option for any meal is to make a Birthday Toast for a Friend in your own words.

However, not everyone has enough courage or an oratorical ability to do this. Therefore, you can find the right toast in advance.

  • Today you got one more year of aging, and it became even better, like cognac! 
  • I would like to wish that I would add life wisdom and experience to you every year so that your incomes and achievements would grow with your years! For you!
  • On your birthday, I wish that no wishes, no matter how big, from your enemies, will never come true, And all, even the smallest, from your friends come true!
  • I wish you mood swings – from excellent to wonderful, and different streaks in life – from calm success to incredible luck! Happy Birthday, Friend!

Birthday Toast for Mom

  • Dear mommy, as you once took care of me, protecting me from worries and troubles, so now take care of yourself because you are with me alone, and I want you to be happy and healthy. Let’s drink with you! May your every day be filled with joy!
  • Mom, I want the youth of your soul and the beauty of your heart to bloom forever. Happy birthday, hurray!
  • As a child, we take maternal care for granted. In adolescence, we may even neglect her. And only as we grow up, we understand how valuable it is, and how important it is to say thank you to my mother for the warmth of her heart. For you, Happy birthday to you mom!
  • My friend, on your birthday, I wish you to be rich. Rich in soul and heart, rich in mind and achievements, rich in health and beauty, rich in loved ones and family comfort, rich in victories and God’s grace. Well, and, of course, wealthy financially, in order to be able to realize all the wealth of their plans, designs, and dreams!
  • The happiness of every person is in those who are with him and who are dear to him – in his parents, wife, children, relatives, and friends. For them, he lives, works, fights, and wins. I wish you, my friend, that those you love and for whom you live appreciate everything that you do for them. To surround you with love and comfort, understand you, and share your views, support you in all your endeavors, and always be that quiet haven where you want to return. Happy Birthday!
  • Friend, on your wonderful birthday, I sincerely wish that all your cherished dreams come true! May the next year of your life be full of joyful and bright events, long-awaited and happy meetings, grandiose creative and career successes! Good luck to you always and in everything!

Birthday Toast for Wife

  • I wish you, dear birthday girl, that the biggest problem in your life is the choice between a weekend in Bali and a vacation in Bora Bora. Happy Birthday!
  • They say that if you meet an intelligent woman, then you should not flatter yourself – she found you. So let’s drink to our birthday girl, for the fact that she is with us today, for her wisdom and beauty!
  • I congratulate you, dear, on this wonderful bright holiday – your birthday! May the cherished star that once brought us together always illuminate your life. Happy Birthday, My Wife!
  • May the people you meet on your way be good. Always be the same optimist, beauty, and just a good person.

Birthday Toast for Girlfriend

  • Women have three problems – what to wear, what to cook, and where to take money for whatever they want. My dear, I wish you did not have such problems. May you have everything you want! Happy birthday, girlfriend!
  • Despite the fact that every year you and I are getting older, I am glad that no years or life events have changed our friendship, and we, like in the good old days, together can forget about time and business sitting in the kitchen and drinking tea, well, or something stronger. Thank you, my dear. Be happy!
  • Old lady, here you are, a year closer to retirement! I hope your joints do not ache, and your back does not creak! I want you to remain as positive and energetic as you are now! Love you, success, prosperity, and family happiness!
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