30+ Happy Unicorn Birthday Wishes & Quotes of 2022

The best Happy Unicorn Birthday Wishes & Quotes: Parents, in particular, want to give their little ones a wonderful and unforgettable birthday as possible.

30+ Happy Unicorn Birthday Wishes & Quotes of 2022

In addition to the countless errands (birthday invitations, Unicorn birthday cakes, Unicorn birthday games, etc.) in the run-up to a birthday party.

Best Happy Unicorn Birthday Wishes

The search for a suitable birthday motto is often the most difficult challenge, as all further decisions in the future planning and design of the birthday must be based on it. One of the most popular birthday party themes these days are unicorns.

Why Unicorns?

The unicorn as a mythical animal is a horse in mythology. In the Middle Ages, the unicorn was considered “noble” and a “symbol of the good.” For this reason, unicorns are likely going through some sort of resurrection as one of the most popular soft toys for kids these days.

Unicorns are trendy; unicorns are almost a cult these days. But not only for children but also adults use the symbolism and metaphor of the unicorn. After all, unicorns are ideal for transporting the “good” in connection with birthdays.

When formulating birthday wishes, the unicorn as a birthday present, the unicorn as the motto of a unicorn birthday party, or unicorn decoration as birthday jewelry.

We would like to give you suggestions with which unicorn birthday wishes you can score in the following. To put it a bit cheekily and the pro unicorn:

What shouldn’t be missing on any birthday? Right, the unicorn birthday saying! What shouldn’t be missing on any birthday when you want to congratulate a real unicorn fan? Right, unicorn birthday wishes Quotes. You have already made the right birthday card or bought a beautiful unicorn birthday card, and then you should now fill it properly with unicorn congratulations.

Sweet Unicorn Birthday Quotes

“What you wish for a birthday?”

“A unicorn!”

“Be realistic!”

“Well, then, true love.”

“Ok, what color should your unicorn be?”

This is what happens to many people on annual birthdays: we pause for a few minutes, wanting to escape reality. What’s the result? We wish for unreal things like unicorns on pink clouds.

Unicorn Birthday Wishes Quotes

The unicorn embodies exactly that: a fantasy creature that invites us to dream and be creative.

Since we think that birthdays and unicorns go together perfectly, we have put together the funniest unicorn birthday wishes for you, which are great for a (pink?) Birthday card:

Funny Unicorn Birthday Sayings

  • It’s never too late to saddle the unicorn! Happy Birthday!
  • Congratulations and unicorn magic!
  • How, are you already xx years old? Clearly, there is not enough glitter on the bottom line.
  • I can’t think of a sensible birthday saying, but better unicorn than no horn.
  • Everyone’s crazy here! Come on a unicorn, we’re going!
  • Unicorns are like dream men; everyone talks about it but no one has ever seen it.
  • For your birthday I wish you sunshine and rainbows and love and lots of glitters. Your unicorn.
  • I don’t care how old you are. I’ll still give you a unicorn for your birthday!
  • Happy Birthday! The whole house is full of butterflies. My unicorn ate too many beans.
  • You think I’m crazy ?! Well, wait until I’ve got off my pink unicorn and have enchanted you with my fairy dust!

Unicorn Birthday Wishes – Which Products Are There?

For her birthday you wish your girlfriend lots of sunshine and beautiful rainbows and of course lots of love and lots of glitters. You can implement these wishes perfectly with a unicorn mug.

But there is another way to invite you to a unicorn birthday party with an unforgettable unicorn invitation card. Just take a look at my site. Here you will find great ideas that inspire every unicorn fan.

I don’t want to withhold a few birthday wishes, especially for unicorn fans; maybe you like one of these wishes.

  • I don’t care how old you are. I’ll still give you a unicorn for your birthday.
  • Congratulations and a lot of unicorn magic.
  • Even if at some point you no longer believe in unicorns, the unicorn will always believe in you.
  • A unicorn doesn’t think about what others think of it. It just glitters.
  • Magical birthday wishes, unicorn, and a life full of glitter.

You can not only immortalize unicorn birthday wishes on a birthday card, but there are also unforgettable unicorn quotes for WhatsApp, for example.

Unicorn Birthday Wishes Quotes GIF

With great pictures of unicorns, they really look great. Anyone can send a boring birthday saying or a picture with a cake, but a unique, unforgettable birthday wish with a unicorn will always be remembered.

Unicorn Birthday Verses

Of course, a good unicorn birthday verses also includes a present that you shouldn’t lose sight of.

Of course, this should also be a unicorn. You can also give away your unicorn birthday wish in a sweater or in a calendar. I think the books with unicorn wisdom are also a very nice idea to put a smile on the birthday child’s face.

Birthday Wishes Unicorn – Enchant Your Friends Now

Unicorn birthday wishes are an absolute must if you want to make a unicorn fan happy. There are numerous sayings that are beautiful and put a smile on everyone’s face.

Of course, the right unicorn gift should not be missing. Get a few ideas and let yourself be enchanted with lots of love, rainbows, and glitter.

Which Unicorn Products Are Trendy Right Now?

Are you a big unicorn fan, or do you know someone who especially loves the cute mythical creatures? Then a gift with a unicorn is definitely a good idea. But what can you actually give a real unicorn fan so that the joy is great?

How about a unicorn surprise box?

One of these is always well received. These can be bought ready-made or you can simply put one together yourself. There are a lot of bath accessories, from shower gel, shampoo to bath sponges, of course, everything with unicorns. 

Unicorn Birthday Party

If you want further input for a unicorn birthday party’s successful organization and if you are still looking for suitable unicorn gift ideas, this YouTube video is recommended.


A great surprise for a person who loves unicorns and to whom you want to give lots of sunshine and glitter for their birthday. You are also welcome to visit my site and get more ideas here.