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Best Birthday Gift for 4 Years Old Boy of 2020

The best birthday gift for 4 years old boy: Having come to any toy store, you can come across a huge assortment, which facilitates the choice of a present for a boy for 4 years. But most parents, other relatives, and friends of the family find it difficult to choose the best birthday gift for 4 years old boy and what to give the little birthday boy. At this age, the first addictions and hobbies were practically formed, so you should choose a surprise for 4 years thoughtfully, without haste and in advance.

Best Birthday Gift for 4 Years Old Boy


Best Birthday Gift for 4 Years Old Boy

It is sometimes very difficult to interest a child. Favorite toys change daily, but curiosity and activity continue to grow with the boy. Choosing the best birthday gift for 4 years old boy, you should pay attention to fascinating presents that can become favorites in the eyes of the young birthday boy for a long time.

Constructor Lego

A great birthday gift for 4 years old boy will be from both parents and relatives and friends of the constructor Lego. He has a lot of options for sets, and it will be easy to choose. Focus on the interests of the child. One will be happy to assemble cars and helicopters, the second will have a fire station, and someone will be most delighted by a dinosaur train or a farm.

Spaceship or Shuttle

Find a toy with light and sound effects, with opening compartments and figures of space heroes. Do not forget to grab the necessary batteries so that the little birthday boy immediately begins to conquer outer space, impressing present to everyone.

Magnetic designer

The magnetic designer is easy to assemble, and the originality of the figures obtained. At the same time, it will be possible to tell his son about the physical laws and how to keep the details together.

Soccer ball

Be sure to explain to the boy where you can play with the ball and where it is not worth it. This will avoid broken windows and fragile objects.

Set of figures

A set of figures of popular “cartoons” with accessories. 4 years – the time of role-playing games. Kids love to invent their own worlds with the heroes of their favorite fairy tales and cartoons. Such games develop social skills, learn to communicate, and behave in various situations.


Children love to jump. A folding trampoline with modest dimensions can be used in the apartment. The projectile brings joy, develops leg muscles, and the vestibular apparatus. If finances and territory allow, an active boy for 4 years old can buy a “more serious” trampoline, with a protective net on which several children can exercise at once.


Kite (or an advanced option for small extremes – children’s aerobatic kite). A sea of ​​delight is guaranteed. A backpack, slings, and a special strap are attached to the mini-kite, for which the child can fly a mischievous kite. Laughter, joy, fresh air, and a lot of communication with dad!

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Helmet or tools

Helmet and tools of the builder, a set of a young locksmith. Boys love to imagine themselves as representatives of some professions.


For the development of excellent motor skills, a special best birthday gift for 4 years old boywill be a special children’s plasticine, which is now also available in large sets with interesting molds and tools. You can sculpt animal figures, and you can make an imitation of food, you can sculpt cars.

Machine with remote control

The more detailed the model, the more interesting it will be for the baby.

Artist’s suitcase

Drawing also perfectly develops the creative side of the child and his fine motor skills. Therefore, you can pick up colored pencils, paints, or whole sets as the best birthday gift for 4 years old boy in an artist’s suitcase.

Developing books

Developing books in which you can draw, do various tasks, glue stickers, and cut. Both 4 years old girls and boys like them, only for solving problems in them parental assistance is required.

Three-dimensional puzzles

There are three-dimensional puzzles made of wood or cardboard, where you need to collect animals, equipment, or buildings according to the instructions. Very interesting and developing activity. It is best to collect with dad on weekends, gradually moving to the result. You can present several puzzles at once and collect a collection of cars, planes, or various animals.

Electric car or ATV on the battery

This is an expensive but cool birthday gift for 4 years old boy. Please note, for the best birthday gift for 4 years old boy in the apartment, there must be a place.

Electric scooter

The electric scooter that can ride on flat terrain. It will be relevant where there are no slides near the house.

Snow scooter

Great idea for a winter birthday. You can choose a metal model with a steering wheel and a comfortable seat or an inflatable version made of durable plastic. An easier alternative is cheesecake sled.

Double-sided easel with crayons

Double-sided easel with crayons, magnetic letters, and numbers. On this board, the kid will write his first words.

Interactive shooting range

An excellent choice for fans of active shooting games. The shooting range is designed for playing indoors and is absolutely safe for players and apartments: the baby will shoot an invisible beam. There is not much need for free space, just turn off the light and start the ghost and bats hunt. The set includes a projector and electronic blasters that count well-aimed shots.

Radio-controlled airplane or helicopter

A radio-controlled airplane or helicopter that can be launched into the air.

Two-wheeled bicycle

The best option for those who celebrate their birthday in spring or summer. At 4 years old, the boy was already solidly driving a “baby” tricycle. It is time to give him a new “iron horse.” Better to take with 12-inch wheels – for easy transition from a three-wheeled bike.

Birthday Gifts for Creativity to a Boy for 4 Years

At the age of four, children show creative abilities: they like to draw, sculpt, make bright applications. At the same time, imagination and fine motor skills develop. Classes for a long time captivate children and soothe.

If the baby is fond of something like that, a good acquisition would be:

  • Figurines made of plaster or wood for painting with paints. Some toys also develop logical thinking: an object is assembled from individual elements, which must then be colored.
  • Home sandbox: “live” kinetic sand and bright molds. The material is unusual – not very crumbly, resembles wet sea sand. You can sculpt from it, it does not smell and does not get dirty. A similar option is modeling dough or soft plasticine.
  • A set of double-sided pencils.
  • Paintbrushes.
  • The album with stickers. A good inexpensive birthday gift for 4 years old boy for DR from a brother or sister. Take care of the creative surface in advance. Otherwise, all the walls will be glued.
  • Coloring with a boyish theme: robots, cars, planes, ships.
  • Box with paints and stamps.
  • Set for quilling Tank or Sheep.
  • Set for painting without a brush.
  • Water coloring.
  • Big board for drawing.
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Original Birthday Gifts for Four Years Old Boy

Kids love surprises, so surprise a birthday boy, show your imagination. Gifts for 4 years old boy must be original.

Four-year-old boys already have favorite cartoon characters. The child will be delighted if he receives a congratulatory letter from one of them. Print the message on glossy paper, pack it in a bright envelope. Complete the letter with a collage of photos where the baby is depicted next to his hero.

Children’s usual best birthday gift for 4 years old boy, where a portrait of a birthday man decorates a mug, a wall calendar, or a T-shirt, are very popular with children.

Order a book in the printing house, on the pages of which the child will appear as the main character. Perhaps the original edition will become a memorable present for many years. The kid will experience a storm of emotions, will often admire the gift and proudly show it to friends.

Perhaps your kid already has his favorite among football players or basketball players – give him a personalized T-shirt of this athlete.

Educational Games

In children, you need to train ingenuity, memory, attention purposefully. Exciting logic games help in this. Get a developing gift for a boy of 4 years:

  • Puzzles The puzzle stimulates excellent motor skills and develops quick wits.
  • Counting sticks to learn how to count.
  • Gyenes blocks to consolidate the idea of ​​shape and size.
  • Didactic games expand the child’s horizons for the formation of associative thinking, such as an electric quiz for the development of logic.
  • Educational cards with fun tasks.
  • Bright scores.
  • Liner board with geometric shapes.
  • Talking alphabet poster.
  • Developing a mat. On it, you can draw, play, conduct interactive training. A useful toy has numerous positive reviews from moms and dads.

The Constructor is Great!

For a young technician who loves to disassemble and repair everything, the designer is a great gift. He combines everything that boys are fond of at 4 years old.

The toy develops logic and spatial thinking and can captivate the baby for a long time.

This useful gift has many varieties:

  • Water. Elements are stacked in channels that are filled with water and plastic boats. Designed for games in the yard or near a reservoir. For home entertainment, a toy with high sides is suitable.
  • Constructor for creating complex multi-level traces for balls. This is a transparent sphere with a complex three-dimensional tunnel. The game ball must overcome paths, swings, dips, barriers. The kid will be happy to build his own roads and learn the simplest laws of physics.
  • Magnetic constructor. With such a toy, you can build complex structures.
  • Constructor machine.
  • A wooden building kit with many blocks.
  • Ceramic with small bricks that can be combined using a homemade mortar. “Cement” is easily washed off, so bricks can be used repeatedly.
  • Designer figure with screwing elements.
  • Designer toy for swimming.
  • GOKI with domino-like elements.
  • Designers with unusual details (discs with slots, balls with spikes).
  • Gear designers.
  • Soft constructor.
  • Lepeynik.
  • LEGO.
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At 4 years old, you can already move to the new Lego level. A designer with large details is still interesting to him, but for his birthday, it is better to present a set from the Juniors or Classic series, with elements of a smaller size. With such kits, more complex designs are created.

Diy Gifts for a Boy for 4 Years

You can make the most original best birthday gift for 4 years old boy yourself. If you have creative skills, have the time, want to give a particle of the soul, this section is for you.

A Whole Pack of Kinder Surprises

One kinder surprise is good, and ten is better! Cardboard packaging from eggs, a printed sticker, and a stormy delight from the surprise are provided!

Shelf for Cars

And this is a great idea for dad or grandfather with woodworking skills. Now all the cars will be in their places! The child will remember this shelf in his nursery for life!

Unusual Crib

To make such a crib, serious carpentry skills are indispensable! But what a result!

How to Understand What is Best to Give the Boy for 4 Years

Four-year-old boys have specific dreams about a gift. Before you go to the store, ask the baby directly, try to find out about desires with leading questions. If relatives and friends of the family think about the present, it will be right to consult with the parents of the birthday person.

What Gift To Buy a Boy for 4 Years

What gift to buy a boy for 4 years is not difficult to decide. A thing must be age appropriate, not too complicated, or too simple.

It is important to decide what you want – just pamper, contribute to the development of thinking or creative abilities. And maybe motivate to play sports?

Choose skates or skates according to the physical readiness and nature of the child. If the kid’s skating rink is not very attractive, it’s better to rent skates a couple of times and buy something desirable for your birthday.

Choosing a Birthday Gift for a Child for 4 Years

Choosing a present for a child for 4 years, do not forget that he is a small man. A touching plush animal is unlikely to cause joyful emotions. Give preference to “boy” toys.

Men often buy gifts for little boys on the principle of “interesting to me. It will be interesting to my “son/nephew – and it really works!

With a typewriter on the control panel, the birthday man will arrange a rally in the yard. The future pilot dreams of flying a plane.


And if he wants to become a train driver, he will be delighted with the railway. Weapons for a young warrior are also a welcome birthday gift for 4 years old boy. A set of soldiers, military equipment – these presentations are relevant for kids at all times.