30 Best Birthday Gift for 3 Years Old Girl of 2022

Finding the best birthday gift for 3 years old girl or an ideal gift is sometimes not as easy as it sounds. Today I present you a complete list of birthday gifts for 3 years old girl also appropriate for 3 years old boys and girls of 3 years. You have asked me so much that you could not fail. To elaborate on it, I always search Amazon for the articles with the best comments from parents who already have them. I make a list, and from there, I select about 4 gifts that will later be delivered by the different family members who want to participate. In this way, I help them get it right, and I also avoid duplicating products or the child encountering an excess of toys. No one knows children better than their own parents, right?

The Best Birthday Gift for 3 Years Old Girl

30 Best Birthday Gift for 3 Years Old Girl of 2022

In this case, I have taken into account the tastes of my middle son, the birthday boy. It has not been difficult because he has things very clear; he throws the motor and the toys that make noise. What have I failed? I determined to buy wooden toys. I have been straining them until they have acquired sufficient communication skills, but in this compilation, you will find everything. Without further ado, let’s go there with the list of the best birthday gift for 3 years old girl.

Vacuum Cleaner

In the end, one has fallen. In her day, I recommended another with better comments than this. But my cool guy wanted me to suck little balls, and it was not worth one that didn’t. I have to say that I find it excessively expensive for what it is.

And that, in addition, in order to vacuum the balls that it includes, it is necessary to leave the tube alone without the final part. But of course, it is a toy, let’s not forget and, for safety reasons, it is preferable that you do not vacuum with more force. Still, this little boy freaks out at this toy and his 5-year-old sister, too.

Wooden Toy Mini-Kitchen

A fantastic alternative to fashionable wooden kitchens. If you do not have much space in your house, this is a great option. In addition to being super pretty and compact, it folds even more. Includes the utensils to play: wooden spoon, fork, salt shaker, pepper shaker, and a casserole with its lid.

Toy Gardening Tools

This gardening “kit” seemed ideal to me. Also, it has very economical. Of course, do not expect them to be tools to work in the garden and put sugarcane on them. Keep in mind that it is a toy and, as such, they can offer a lot of fun in the park, on the beach or in the garden.

Gardening Set With Wheelbarrow

If the other set seemed little to you, with this, you would already have a gardener in good condition. Includes the wheelbarrow, a typical toy with which they go crazy and do not let go. It also consists of an excavator, rake, and a pair of work gloves.

Doctor costume

How is this doctor costume? I couldn’t have liked it more. From the start, I was looking for a briefcase with the typical medical accessories, but I found this one, and I found it insurmountable. The doctor’s gown does not lack detail, and you can put the child’s name in the visible pocket. It also includes a reflex hammer, thermometer, ophthalmoscope, syringe, and stethoscope with sound effects. From what you read in the comments, it is of very good quality, and the gown is quite large.

Doctor puppet

Continuing with the theme “doctors,” I have found this puppet that I think can be very playful. This same brand has many more: chef, princess, boy, firefighter, king, etc. It seems to be of very good quality and is reminiscent of the protagonists of Sesame Street. I think it was going to like it a lot, and I sign it up for Christmas!


In the musical instruments section, I came across a harp! The original is awhile, don’t tell me no. But what surprised me most is that they say wonders about him. I have to say that I don’t understand much about music, but I know my son and I know he wouldn’t play it patiently. He is more than clubbing. But if your children are calmer, it certainly seems like the best birthday gift for 3 years old girl. It comes with sheet music and looks very cool.

Musical Instrument Toys

This one does more to my little breakdowns, right? After much searching, this set of instruments seems to be a great success. It is super complete and also has a bag to transport and store it. Value for money, I think unbeatable. Does not include earplugs, keep that in mind.

Doll stroller

Doll stroller is super devoted to the care of your baby, as you have seen on Instagram more than once. She sleeps her and covers her with a blanket, anyway, someday she will be a great father, I’m sure. And for you to practice, this could be a great birthday gift for 3 years old girl. Although they sell much more sophisticated and expensive chairs, I think this is a good option.

Portage Backpack

Please! How authentic is this carrying backpack? That seems great. They say that it fits well in children from 3 years to 8 years, more or less, so that you take it into account. They can transport dolls and stuffed animals.

Garage for Stacking and Counting

And we come to his other passion, the motor world. In this case, this garage has conquered me because it seems super original. Cars are piling, and the level indicates the number of cars there are. It is perfect for learning colors and also for counting. The only downside is that the cars do not roll. If they had wheels, it would be perfect.

Construction and Construction Vehicles

Well, well, well… if you have fried anything with us, it’s cool with the works. Loves. And this vehicle pack is ideal. Of course, they are MINI, small size, ideal for taking to the park, for example. They are well articulated and withstand shots and carts, which is the important thing.

LEGO Truck and Excavator

LEGO toys do not usually fail; this, in particular, adds excellent reviews on Amazon. Suitable for children from 2 years old to 5 years old. The pieces are large and easy to assemble.

Radio-controlled Excavator

This is the one with a big boy. He didn’t want an ordinary bulldozer, no. I wanted one with remote control. Looking for, I found one that looked very good, and it did not work when it arrived. So I had to urgently choose this one because we had no time to receive another. I have to say that he loved it, that he is super resistant (he has already fallen from great heights).

But, for that price, I expected it bigger, what do you want me to say? It is true that it is the Bod series official, the builder, and that is also expensive. Of course, it runs that it peels them, the shovel rises and falls when it is in motion, and, when it reverses, it also turns. So much.

Children’s Mosaic

These types of toys are very entertaining and help them develop fine motor skills. Also, I am quite happy with the toys I have from the Goula brand.

Set of 4 Progressive Puzzles

These puzzles are ideal birthday gifts for children from 3 years. Various combinations of 6, 9, 12, and 16 pieces come to help you do more complex challenges as you learn.

Magnetic Board With Puzzles

This board is great because it is 3 in 1. On one side, it has a chalkboard, on the other a marker pen. It also has pieces like magnetic puzzles as well. And finally, it includes a fishing rod with a magnet, which children usually love.

Walkie Talkies

This has been another of the gifts that have fallen. I chose him precisely to play with his older sister. And, although they liked it, the model we chose is quite regular, I got carried away by the price, and cheap is expensive. Instead, I recommend these that cost $10 more, but the reviews it has been very positive. They incorporate a flashlight, and that’s a hoot. Also rechargeable batteries with their charger.

Pneumatic Hammer

The passion of a child for this contraption is excessive. Not so mine, because it drills my head. What do you want me to say? It has made him immensely happy, but I sincerely hope that he soon tires of him, hahaha. He has a shutdown button, another one to simulate the noise when drilling the ground (or whatever he catches), and another more real noise that is still for go mad. Also, it moves just like a real one.

Fire Chief Costume

It is not a cheap costume, but it must be recognized that it is of quality and that it does not lack detail. I suggested to a little boy that we give it to him, instead of the jackhammer.,” hahaha… let’s say that Alonso is not a fan of costumes. But if your cool ones yes, for me it is one of the best gifts that can be made. Includes jacket, helmet, badge, fire extinguisher, megaphone, and tag.

Octopus Kite

I remember with great emotion how I was excited as a child to fly a kite. It was the most! It also implies going outdoors, which is ideal for our cool people and for us. This one that I leave below has seemed very cool to me. It is not expensive and has very good comments.

Wooden Sorting Box

This toy seems very complete and useful for children to learn to sort. It helps to learn vocabulary (comes in English) and recognize pictures and objects, numbers, shapes, and colors. Very neat, and the reviews it has been very good.

Magic Labyrinth

We have a mini version of this toy, and they like it a lot. In this case, it is much bigger and more entertaining. He has two magnetic pens, and they have to carry ball by ball through the maze. It is also very safe because the balls cannot come out. It is the best birthday gift for 3 years old girl.

Horse Figures

Perfect for horse lovers. This set is great. They are small figures, with a soft touch and hollow inside. A very cool assortment.

Kaleidoscope Camera

The Plan Toys brand freaks me out. This camera, without going any further, we have it and have played a lot with it. It is super soft to the touch, and the vision with the kaleidoscope is very cool. It is not very big, but it is perfect for them.

Car Transport Truck

This truck seems very cool to me. You already know that I love this type of toy. This is great because, in addition to the truck, it has 4 cars, and the ramp opens so that they can go down on it. Measurements are 34 x 8.5 x 13.

Bicycle and scooter 2 in 1

I have come across this invention looking for a bike without pedals (little boy uses a lot of the Chicco brand that does not weigh anything). At first, I found it uncomfortable, but the comments it accumulates from parents who have it are very good. Apparently, giving a button goes from bike to scooter. It boasts of being very safe and easy to use.

Floating Soccer Game

This toy is really cool. We had a similar one, and it is amazing how little you shoot out of it, but it crashes very softly against any surface. It reminds me of those recreational games, where there was a table with holes that blew air, and the chip floated. The idea is the same. It also comes with a goal included.

The Little White Rabbit

A story is always a great birthday gift for 3 years old girl. Of course, it is not easy for us as a child to attend the full stories, it still costs her a lot, and he is easily distracted. This is one of the titles I have on file to search for the library and try it. As they comment, the children find it very funny, the illustrations are beautiful, and the text rhymes.

Honeycomb With Wooden Bees

We examined this toy thanks to the rental of toys from the Time for toys websiteWe had it for 2 months at home, and we really liked it. It is great for them to develop motor skills and also patience. Of course, you have to take the bees by the wings, not like me, who was very squeamish, tried to do it from the body, and slipped.

It will be for ideas! Of course, as always, I recommend that you buy with your head. At 3 years old they already give us clues about the things they may like, so let’s try to adapt to their preferences. And you know, if we go over the number of gifts, we run the risk that the child does not know how to value what he has.

It is impossible for him to pay attention to so many new things, so if you cannot avoid receiving more, you can always save them and take them out. How many times do they discover a forgotten toy from months ago and take it with the same illusion as if it were new?


Are you missing any cool birthday gift for 3 years old girl? Leave your suggestion in the comments! I sincerely hope that you hit the spot with the best birthday gift for 3 years old girl and that your children enjoy a lot.