17 Epic Things to Do On Your Birthday of 2022

Epic Things to Do On Your Birthday: Is your birthday coming up and you don’t know what to do? You have to read this amazing list with the best ideas!

17 Epic Things to Do On Your Birthday of 2022

When we were girls, we counted the days until it was our birthday, but a lot has changed since then. Nowadays, when our birthday approaches, we get scared a little, since the idea of ​​having to organize something terrifies us, and for that reason some years we are not in the mood to have a party.

Epic Things to Do On Your Birthday

Our birthday should be about a day to have fun and to do something for yourself. If that means taking a bath and going to bed early, go ahead. If you want to spend a weekend outside with your friends, don’t wait any longer and rent a hotel.

If You Want to Go Out

1. Plan a spa day

It is the ideal scenario to clear your mind and to spoil yourself.

2. Make a reservation at a restaurant

Make a reservation at that restaurant you’ve wanted to visit for a long time, or simply your favorite.

3. Go to a show

Have fun at a magic show, a play, or even a concert.

4. Buy yourself a gift

There is nothing wrong with giving yourself a gift from time to time, and what better than on your birthday.

If You Want to Get Away

5. Book a hotel stay

Find a destination and a hotel you’ve always wanted to go to, as this is a perfect time.

6. Visit a Vineyard

What better panorama than to celebrate your birthday with a wine tasting.

7. Plan a trip to visit a friend

Visit that great friend of yours who doesn’t live in the same city, and celebrate your birthday together.

8. Escape to the beach

There is nothing richer than escaping to the beach and being able to feel the sea and the sand between your feet. It is the perfect panorama for our taste.

If You Want a Party

9. Rent a food truck

Instead of going to eat somewhere, invite your friends to your house and hire a cart of your favorite food.

10. Organize a movie screening

Get a friend’s projector and choose a movie for everyone in your house to see.

11. Hire a karaoke room

This is the best scenario if you like to express yourself and sing without being too ashamed of yourself.

12. Organize a pool party

If you are lucky enough that your birthday is in the summer season, a pool party is what you should do.

If You Want to Stay Home

13. Hire a chef

If you want to enjoy an exquisite meal without having to leave your house and without having to cook, this is perfect.

14. Organize a marathon of series or movies

You just have to choose what you want to see.

15. Prepare some delicious cocktails

Buy the ingredients for your favorite cocktail and prepare them with your friends.

16. Eat a piece of your favorite cake

You can buy it in your favorite bakery or dare to prepare it yourself. Eating cake is a must on your birthday.

17. Organize a pajama party

It can be with your friends, your partner, or even your family!

What should I do on my birthday quarantine? Here are some ideas to keep partying from home

Quarantine is not at all an impediment to having a great birthday. For example, these perfect ideas are enough not to stop celebrating from home.

Being at home is not a pretext to stop having an incredible time on your birthday (especially now that going out is not an option). In fact, it is an opportunity to try new ways of celebrating and to realize that those you love — regardless of distance and quarantine — are closer than you think.

Epic Things to Do On Your Birthday During Quarantine

From doing something special just for you to organizing activities in which your family and friends can participate from a distance, there are many ideas that you can implement to celebrate from home. Take note!

1. Ask your friends/family to write or record something for you

You can spend this day reading or watching content specially created for you, on behalf of all your loved ones. A few days in advance, ask them to dedicate a meaningful message to you and send it to your email or WhatsApp on your birthday.

It will be a compilation of memories and good wishes that will bring you the day and remind you of how much you mean to them and even the great moments that you have lived.

2. Organize a video call with your best friends

A video conference can be more fun than you think. You can create a virtual invitation and send it to your guests to host an online party.

The best part is that you can have a long, drawn-out conversation (make sure you have snacks on hand) and even organize a few games.

Organizing a video conference with your loved ones will guarantee you a super fun time.

3. Cook something special

Not because it’s about staying home, does it mean you have to stop partying like you normally would. It is very true that you will have Things to Do On Your Birthday without a long list of guests, but you can prepare your favorite dishes and enjoy a delicious meal served in your favorite place in the house.

To make it doubly special, choose to organize it in some unusual space (how about that little terrace by your window? Or a picnic on the rug?) And adapt it to make it feel different.

4. Build an altruistic gift list

Doing something nice for someone else is also a way to celebrate your birthday in the middle of the movement. Whether you put together a virtual collection through a funding page and then donate it, or ask your friends that instead of sending you a gift at home.

They make a donation to a foundation that needs it (you can make a list of those which you give priority to); Helping others in times of crisis can also be a way to celebrate.

5. Dedicate the day to all those things that fascinate you

Take the whole day Epic Things to Do On Your Birthday what you like the most: have your favorite dish for breakfast, watch those movies you love, pamper yourself by creating a relaxing spa at home, ordering your favorite desserts or snacks at home.

In short, there are many options! Remember that giving yourself a moment just for yourself and enjoying what you adore will always come in handy, especially on your birthday.

What should I do on my birthday?

And since we want this day to be very special for you, we organize some very varied ideas that you might like Epic Things to Do On Your Birthday!


Many people often wonder how they will celebrate their birthday, although some simply prefer to let it go or celebrate it alone, but in a very uninteresting way.

Not everyone wants to have a party, or not everyone has the way to do it. However, there are many alternatives that you can find Epic Things to Do On Your Birthday instead of celebrating it alone. Also, it is necessary, and it is your day!

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