11 Unique Summer Birthday Party Ideas (in 2022)

The best Summer Birthday Party Ideas: Summer parties are one of the many good things about the season, right? Laughter, friends, drink and food and many dips.

Do you want to set up a spectacular and unforgettable summer party in the garden or pool?

Summer Birthday Party Ideas

Pay attention to these ideas that I have prepared. Pool games, summer tables, dreamy lighting and many more ideas to set up the most memorable summer party.

1. Food and Drink Never Miss

Can you imagine a party without food or drink? I do not. Well yes, I could, but I don’t want to. I’m not interested in parties that have no food or drink.

You can prepare a very large box, fill it with ice and then order the drink so that it is easily accessible to everyone; drink what they drink.

It will always stay fresh, it will make the party more dynamic, and everyone will participate. Also, you won’t have to take care of the drinks. Can you imagine the photos that are going to come out of that box full of drinks?

Pro Tip
Don’t forget to leave at least two openers and a bucket with a bag to throw the bottle caps. With those sheets, you can then do many decorative things. Look at these ideas to decorate with plates.

If the box does not suit you, you can always look for another large container, such as a children’s pool filled with ice, which is also very cheap, or, as at the wedding of my friends Kike and Sílva, fill a bathtub to the top with drinks.

2. Prepare a Barrel of Watermelon

With alcohol or without alcohol. Or you make two, one barrel that carries and one that doesn’t. It’s up to you.

But this idea is very cool and will give a very attractive touch to the party and the fact that you will not have to act as a waiter, since your friends will serve themselves.

Here you can see a tutorial to make a watermelon barrel.

Now that we are served as far as the drinks of the summer party are concerned, it is time to prepare the food.

3. Burger Bar

Everyone loves burgers, whether they’re beef or tofu or fish. What do you think of the idea of ​​making a hamburger bar so that everyone can make it as they prefer?

Yes, you will have to cook, but no assembling hamburgers; that each one does it to their liking, which is much more practical for everyone and more comfortable for you, don’t you think?

Of course, do not forget that you are in the garden, outside. Do not leave food in the sun and protect it from insects in Tupperware or covered with parchment paper.

If you are someone who enjoys Christmas dinners and special events, when you get together with family and friends around a table, you will love the following idea to set up a garden party.

4. Low Summer Tables

It’s comfortable, appropriate and very, very pretty. A low table to eat sitting in the garden itself, without chairs, takes up a lot of space and creates an even more relaxed atmosphere.

It is not necessary to buy a table, and you can make one cheaply with wooden pallets.

Put an old sheet under it to avoid as much as possible that many bugs do not climb, and it is more comfortable to sit.

Let’s keep going.

@Scout & Nimble (Pinterest)

If you are going to set up a normal table, being outdoors, you need something to hold the tablecloths.

How about some stones wrapped in fabric and hung with clothespins from the corners of tablecloths?

A very simple idea to carry out, decorative since you can add colour with the fabric and practical so that no tablecloth is blown away.

Let’s keep preparing for the unforgettable summer party.

As I said before, being in the summer and outdoors, we need protection, both from possible insects and from the sun.

5. Prepare a Center of Creams and Protectors

Photography Catch my Party

Don’t forget to leave sunscreen and perhaps some mosquito repellent on a table or anywhere else in sight.

Mosquitoes hate some plants, including lavender, if you want to make it more natural. You can prepare some pretty lavender bouquets and leave them lying around or give one to each guest.

In this way, you guarantee that no one will be red like a shrimp or riddled with mosquitoes the next day. Surely you will have a good hangover without bites or burns, which is more bearable.

Here you can see more effective natural and non-natural mosquito repellents.

But enough of so much precaution, we are at a party, and we have to have fun, right? The following ideas will help us a lot.

6. Hang a Photo Frame or Photo Zone

A simple idea that will give a lot of play to the party. Surely it is not difficult for you to get an old picture frame or even make one with cork or cardboard.

Then you just have to hang it up, and the original summer photo booth for your pool party is ready.

7. Paint a Twister on an Old Sheet

It seems to me the funniest birthday game, and even more so with a few more jokes; what do you want me to tell you.

You need a sheet and paint. You can make the circles freehand or with the help of a plate to mark the circle and then border it with masking tape.

Although to have fun in summer there is nothing like a swimming pool.

8. Fill the Pool With Balloons

In addition to creating a very decorative and summary effect, the balloons give a lot of play in themselves. Imagine a pool full of them.

And already in the water, we can always invent more games, with the thousand and one mats and games that there are for the pool, like the ones we see right below.

A net to play volleyball in the pool that is supported by floats. In addition, this one that we see in the image does not reach €10. You can buy it on Amazon.

Naturally, mats cannot be missing, even more so when flamingos, unicorns, pizzas, and many more figures have become fashionable. Look at the trendy malts and floats.

9. A Giant Jenga for a More Fun Pool Party

A giant Jenga is always successful. To do it, you have to work a little and work hard, but I think it is a total success.

10. String Lights for the Night

If it gets dark at your summer party in the garden or pool, things are going as they should because a party of this type must be extended.

Of course, you have to be prepared. Even if you have outdoor lighting, you can use garlands and strings of lights to do this. They are much more decorative and create a more conducive atmosphere for a party.

If you have trees in the garden, you can decorate them with strings of lights while they serve as lighting.

And if you don’t have trees, you can always easily set up a fence made with stone cubes and some poles on which to hang the garlands of lights.

As you can see, this idea is very simple to do, and the advantage it has is that it allows you to place the lights exactly where you need them.

11. Candles to Illuminate, Decorate and Keep Mosquitoes with citronella candles

You can also use candles to mark the pool if it starts to cool down, and you don’t want anyone to fall while lighting up the party.

If you are going to use candles, remember mosquitoes and use citronella candles to repel them.


And, I think this is the end of the summer party. Surely with these Summer Birthday Party Ideas, you will know how to continue it in your own way. Tell me, what did you think? Are you going to do any? I read you in the comments.