20+ Best Quarantine Happy Birthday Wishes

The best quarantine happy birthday wishes have come to Decoralia to download for FREE. If you have a friend, friend, partner, sister, brother, brothers-in-law, parents, who have a birthday these days in the most absolute confinement, this is for you. Or rather for them.

20+ Best Quarantine Happy Birthday Wishes

So that you send a lot of love in the distance, and so they know that you remember them.

Quarantine Birthday Wishes Caption

Beautiful, original, and exclusive congratulations with images that you can share by WhatsApp, mail, or social networks.

Yes! You should know before continuing that our birthday phrases have a hooligan touch. So they are only suitable for people with a lot of sense of humor. Let’s go with the designs! We hope you like them.

Quarantine Happy Birthday Wishes

These picture greetings are exclusively designed for quarantined birthdays. Something that only happens once in a lifetime, or not at all!

If it has been your best friend, or your brother‘s turn to celebrate his birthday alone, he will be in great need of encouragement.

And a good dose of laughs! Time will have to celebrate it as God intended; it will have to settle for a hug and a virtual kiss for now.

  •  I never thought I would last so long without seeing you! Fucking Coronavirus. Happy Birthday.
  • Loading kisses and hugs. Loading! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • The country is in quarantine, but my heart is not. I love you! Congratulations
  • Today is a good day to do crazy things; what happens in quarantine stays in quarantine! Congratulations!
  • I do not know what time it is, or what day of the week I am, I just know that there is one day less to see you. Happy Birthday!
  • A coronavirus had to come, so you don’t mess it up on your birthday. Happy birthday.
  • The desire to leave home is nothing compared to the desire to hug you. Happy Birthday.
  • Party, day, and time pending a Royal Decree are postponed. Meanwhile, Congratulations!
  • On the day of your birthday, I wish you to comb your hair! You never know when a video call will come in to congratulate you.
  •  A quarantined birthday is equivalent to TEN normal birthdays. We are going to miss Saturdays! CONGRATULATIONS

If, in a normal situation, it is difficult for us to write a card or send a WhatsApp, we know that now that we are in quarantine, it is even more difficult to find the words to wish a happy birthday. We decided to remedy that with clever phrases to give a little humor and encouragement.

Happy Quarantine Birthday Wishes Quotes

The birthday parties went from being a celebration with family and friends to be made in video calls. All those born in March have had to postpone their meetings due to the closure of bars, restaurants, parks.

We have seen how we go from hanging photos hugging and smiling to screenshots with our loved ones’ frozen image in a video.

Quarantine Birthday Wishes Ideas

Tik toks, virtual games, and challenges add to this contingency that forces us to stay at home and isolate ourselves to avoid possible coronavirus infections.

Quarantine Birthday Wishes for Friends

We hope that our quarantine happy birthday wishes will help you to put a little normality in this strange situation and to let that special person know that you remember her on her anniversary. Congratulate quarantined with love and humor!

Do you have kids at home? Because in that case, we recommend these ideas to congratulate quarantined children.

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