The best birthday wishes for a female friend from a male: If you need birthday wishes for a special female friend, you have entered the right place. Not every day turns one of your best friends, and like everyone else, she will always look forward to beautiful birthday wishes or beautiful cards to show how much you love her and wish her.

100+ Happy Birthday Wishes for a Female Friend

If you are going to want to excite her with a good birthday greeting, I recommend you continue reading this great article that we have prepared for you.

Birthday Wishes to a Female Friend

Inspirational Birthday Wishes for a Female Friend

Is it a friend of your birthday? Do you want to surprise her with the most incredible congratulations? Then you will surely want to know the inspirational birthday wishes for a female friend that we have on The Birthday Best because without a doubt they are the best.

Birthday Wishes to a Female Friend

Our team of editors and writers has prepared a great list of birthday wishes for a special female friend, also, in the end, you can find birthday cards, and each and every one of them has been chosen by our team since they are the most beautiful you are going to to find online.

Happy Birthday Wishes for a Female Friend

If you wish, you can also take a look at these birthday wishes for women, as they are versatile and are valid for any woman, be it a friend, sister, wife, mom, aunt, niece, etc.

Birthday Wishes to a Female Friend

  • If you want me to tell you the truth, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with you. I don’t know whether to take you to a bank, because you are an invaluable friend or take you to my fridge because you are the milk. What I do know is that you are everything to me, and I love you as a member of my family. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND!
  • Happy Birthday, friend. This may not be the best birthday greeting you receive, but I am one of your best friends, and you are like a sister to whom I can tell all my secrets and my things. I wish you a happy day of your birthday and enjoy it as always with your family and friends.
  • WHAT DAY IS TODAY? But it is a very special day for this special friend! I would just like to thank you for all the moments that we have been through and that we still have to go through and that we continue like this all our life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAY FRIEND!
  • The truth is that I have no words to express everything I have to thank you for. With your wise advice, your smile, and the support you always give me at all times, I hope that for many more years you will never change and I wish you the best. BEAUTIFUL BIRTHDAY! ❤️ I LOVE YOU! ❤️
  • Although you are not from my family, God brought you to this world to make me very happy, thank you very much for those beautiful moments that we spent together, I have a lot of fun with you, and I love being able to be another birthday by your side. Blessings and that you turn many more years and stay that beautiful. CONGRATULATIONS!
  • I know there are no birthday words for a female friend that describe how good you are. I just want to tell you that thank you very much for being by my side in the good and in the bad moments of my life, dear friend, it is something that I value very much in a person. I wish you to be many years older, and may God be with you and your family. Happy Anniversary!
  • Today I looked for birthday wishes for a female friend, and I found this one that I loved:
  •  I keep as a great memory inside my heart, and I will always take it there. I hope God puts in you all the happiness in the world. Congratulations friend! BLESSINGS!
  • On this special day, thousands of joys will come to you in the form of hugs, kisses, gifts, and birthday greetings for a female friend. I hope that everything you receive makes you very happy and that it is an excellent day for you because you deserve it. Congratulations friend! ❤️
  • I only wish that in the path of your life there is only happiness and good times, I also wish that a wonderful person will accompany you in the career of your life, and I will be there for whatever you need. Happy Birthday Friend <3
  • I have no words to express how much I love you, my friend. Today is a very special day for you and your loved ones, another year that adds to your life of joy. I hope you never change. Congratulations, my friend!
  • This is a very special and unforgettable day for you. I consider it an important day in my life, because a friend who I love very much, as well as a sister, is celebrating my birthday, so I wish you all the best and blessings. Happy birthday to a special friend!

If you think that with a birthday message your friend will not be satisfied, we have also chosen for you very nice happy birthday wishes for a female friend, this way you can save it on your cell phone and share it with her on WhatsApp, or print it and send it by post. As always, our great team has designed beautiful cards, and we hope you like them.

Best Birthday Wishes to a Female Friend

If your friend likes flowers, then we are going to show you some birthday wishes for a female friend that she will surely love. Choose the gift you like best for her and send it home with a card to make her more excited.

Birthday Wishes to a Female Friend

We hope you liked these birthday cards for a female friend. They have been designed by our design team, especially for those friends who are always there, and we are sure that they will love them, and they may shed the odd tear of emotion when they see her.

Birthday Wishes for a Female Friend

Anyway, if the person who turns years is a new friend and you do not want to send her Happy birthday wishes or cards because it seems excessive, we have prepared for you also a list of happy birthday wishes for a female friend who little by little They are forming a big part in your life.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for a Female Friend

I am one of the people who needs birthday wishes for my friend and so I can wish her a wonderful day on her birthday and that she knows that she will always have me there.

Birthday Wishes for a Female Friend

  • Age cannot with a person like you hehe. Congratulations!
  • The truth is that you are not getting old. You are getting much better! Congratulations friend!
  • I always remember your birthday, because it seems that you are the same age every year. Happy Anniversary!
  • What would this special day of your birthday be without your smile? CONGRATULATIONS!
  • We will celebrate this day properly. Tomorrow you can already have the pretext that yesterday you were an immature young haha.
  • Your greatest privilege is to be young, your great heritage is beauty, and your greatest virtue is how charming you are. Happy Birthday!
  • How quickly the years go by! Today you have to fulfill another one. Happy birthday, friend!
  • I hope you have the best birthday of your life and that maximum happiness reigns in you. Congratulations friend!
  • In this birthday greeting, I want to wish you the best in your life and be filled with blessings. Happy Birthday, friend!

Sweet Birthday Wishes for a Female Friend

Not every day turns one of your best friends. Therefore, dedicating some birthday messages to a friend is always an excellent idea to remember how much you love her.

Sweet Birthday Messages for a Female Friend

Next, we will start this article with some sweet birthday wishes for a female friend.

  • Congratulations my friend, I hope that today is your special day everything goes as you wish.   I wish you a happy birthday friend. I love you with all my heart.
  • Today is the special day I want to enjoy it with you to the fullest. I also want to tell you to take advantage of all the love we offer your loved ones. Congratulations, soul friend!
  • May God bless you this year and allow you to fulfill a thousand more, and also fill you with many blessings and joys so that you remain the best friend in the world. Happy Birthday, friend!
  • Today everyone is partying because all the people we love are going to enjoy your birthday with you. We want to wish you, from the bottom of my heart, to have a wonderful birthday.
  • Thanks for existing, thank you for being such a good friend, thank you for all your advice and thank you for being the most cheerful and fun friend that can exist. I LOVE YOU, FRIEND!
  • I hope that today on this special day, let us enjoy it all with you. I wish you many congratulations, friends, and all the successes in your life. You deserve it.

Happy Birthday Special Female Friend Messages

Do you still want to know more greetings for a female friend? No problem! Because our team of specialized editors has prepared a huge list of birthday wishes for a special friend, you will meet below.

Happy Birthday Special Female Friend Messages

  • I like to share with you many more years to see that all your dreams come true because you are a very fighter and capable of achieving each and every one. You had a beautiful birthday, friend!
  • I wish from the heart that on this beautiful day, you keep that very humble and kind smile with which you characterize yourself, happy birthday friend.
  • Today, my dear friend, I come to give you the greatest success and best wishes, thanks for all the supports you have given me and those wise advice—happy Birthday Best Friend.
  • I want to express my greatest wishes and blessings; thank you for being the best friend in the world and always count on your support. May you keep them very happy, my friend!
  • Even if you are not of my blood, nor live with me, I want you to know that you will always be part of my family and can always count on me. You’re like a sister to me. Therefore, I wish you the best of successes in this world. Congratulations on your birthday friend!
  • All those moments that we share together, I have kept as great memories in my heart, which I will never forget and always remember how great a friend you were and are. I want to wish you on this special day that you have a beautiful happy birthday, a soul friend.
  • Friend, you are a very attentive and humble person who deserves all the best that in this life could exist. Congratulations, today and always. Happy Birthday Best Friend!
  • What would my world be if you weren’t my friend? What would my days be without your beauty and your goodness? Without you, I would have no destiny because I cannot imagine a world without you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Friend Girl

This article still does not end! Next, you will meet some of the most beautiful birthday messages for a female friend that may exist.

birthday wishes for a female friend

They were created by our editors with all their love and affection, drawing inspiration from their own friends to make them really emotional.

  • I wish you dear friend a year full of happiness and that during all the hours you spend in this new year you are never sad and always have a reason to smile. Remember that you can fulfill all the dreams that you propose in this life. Have a nice birthday, friend.
  • Although some stones get in your way, you will dodge them as you have done before. I wish that on this special day you are the happiest person in the world, accompanied by all your loved ones and the people we love you most. Without further ado, I wish you a very happy birthday friend.
  • You know that you are the most important thing I have. I want all your wishes to be fulfilled and be the happiest woman in the world because you really deserve it. You are a spectacular person. Congratulations, my friend.
  • A new day dawned, but not any day, today is the day a very special person meets me. I wish you the greatest success, a very happy birthday friend.
  • Today, one of the best people I’ve ever met was born years ago We have spent a lot of time together, you have always supported me and shared both my achievements and yours in the happiest way in the world. happy birthday, friend.
  • Thanks to all the moments we have shared, I no longer consider you only as a friend, for me you are more than that, you are like a sister of another mother. Today I wish you good health and that you fulfill everything that you have proposed in this life. Congratulations friend!

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Girl

Anyway, some prefer to be original, and that is why we have prepared this great list of birthday wishes to congratulate your best friend.

  • I, as your friend, will give you back all the happiness and moments shared on this special day, just as you do on all my birthdays. Happy birthday, friend, I hope you have a great time.
  • As you get older, you realize that all the years of your life have not been in vain and that everything is due to the great person you are—happy birthday friend of my heart.
  • I wish you to fulfill all your goals, and that this new year is one of the best in your life because I know that every year will be better. I wish you my best birthday congratulations, friend.
  • Today you stop being a girl to become a lady. On this day of insurance, you will have the best celebration made by your family, which I will surely attend because I have to share with you one of the best days of your life—a friend of the soul, happy birthday.
  • As you well know, I am not very good with words. Therefore, I summarize this birthday message for a female friend. I’m sorry for you: I LOVE YOU.

Still, I am also one of the people who do not lack a sense of humor, and That’s why I prefer to send funny birthday meme, so they don’t stop laughing. 

What to Gift a Female Friend on Her Birthday?

Girls at any age love similar things, but choosing a gift for a friend from this knowledge does not become easier. We’ll give you some ideas for your girlfriend’s birthday gifts – get inspired.


We hope you have served some of these birthday wishes for a female friend, or you liked the cards to send them through WhatsApp or Facebook post and the messages we put at the beginning of this extensive article.