7 Ways to Celebrate Birthday Party During Coronavirus Shutdown

Ways to Celebrate Birthday Party During Coronavirus Shutdown: All year long waiting for his birthday to arrive and when the date is approaching you to tell him that he will not be able to celebrate it with friends or family because the best thing is not to step on the street.

7 Ways to Celebrate Birthday Party During Coronavirus Shutdown

Ways to Celebrate Birthday Party During Coronavirus Shutdown

If confinement is difficult for adults due to the spread of the coronavirus, it is even more difficult for a child in these circumstances. But not being able to celebrate it outside does not have to be synonymous with not having a great party. We give you some ideas so that you can celebrate a birthday without leaving home and without other children entering it. 

1. Happy Birthday Neighborly

Let your birthday be special and let it lag a little more between the sheets. After the family congratulations and the tugs on the ears, take the child close to one of the windows or balconies of your house. Can you imagine what face he will have if when he opens the window at a certain time, he recognizes his neighbors singing happy birthday? You sure don’t expect it.

Making him happy right now is as easy as contacting your neighbors via WhatsApp, Telegram, or email and asking them to open the windows at an agreed time to celebrate a special birthday with the child. It will surely be an unforgettable moment for everyone.

Another possibility is that you bring the family together through a platform that allows group video calls so that they are the ones who wake up the birthday boy.

2. Special Breakfast

To make it a unique day, change the typical homemade breakfast for a special basket that will be delivered to you at home. You can give him from a sweet breakfast with many sweets, to a basket with organic products, low in sugars.

All adapted to the tastes of your children. In addition, many companies, which still maintain their home deliveries, serve it to you accompanied by the decoration you choose from balloons to soft toys or personalized mugs with the child’s photo. And you can still go further by ordering the cake to blow out the candles.

3. Birthday Cards

We know that children love birthday cards, but this time their friends will not be able to hand-deliver them or leave them in the mailbox. An alternative is to have them delivered online.

 Look for some pages that offer free and even customizable designs, like the one in the image, which allows you to add text and some photos. Another option is to use them as virtual invitations for the birthday celebration without leaving home.

4. Home Decoration

Dress up your children’s party in color, and the child deserves that you celebrate the day in a special way. To do this, try decorating the house with its name made with recycled cardboard from cereal or cookie boxes, stick glue, scissors, and tissue paper. Doing it is as easy as cutting out the letters that make up the child’s name on the cardboard and sticking some colored paper strips on it. You can also make a homemade birthday wreath.

Another option is to organize a themed party depending on the tastes of the birthday boy. There are endless possibilities: Frozen, Fornite, Superheroes, or Star Wars, among others.

5. Gifts Online

Although at your party you do not receive a box with the toy you expected, there are online options for the child to have a gift for his birthday. For example, if you like Disney world, the best thing is to get a subscription to its new streaming service or to one of the audiovisual content platforms that, surely, will liven up our day-to-day.

You won’t know what to choose from all the programming! Another possibility is to buy a virtual gift card so that you can get hold of the video game you dreamed of, also online.

Also, there are some companies, such as Amazon, that continue to deliver home orders. That yes, so that the gift can arrive on time, it would be advisable to consult what are its terms and restrictions. Furthermore, we have to be responsible and aware of the situation and not ask for unnecessary things.

6. Playing at a distance is possible

The possibilities offered by new technologies to stay connected are many. Choose the platform to make video calls that best suits your needs and use it so that your child plays with his friends on his birthday without leaving home. Talk to your classmates’ parents so they can all connect at the same time and let the party begin!

An alternative is to dress up in a minute with the first ones you find in your room. You can give virtual prizes to the most clown costume, the most thug, the most glamorous. You put the theme, and they disguise themselves with the screen covered so that they do not see each other. After a time, surprise arrives, sharing the look they have achieved.

Another option is to play the game of the movies, that classic in which through mime, one tries to transmit the title of the film to others. Extend the theme to series and characters from children’s drawings. Laughter is guaranteed. The correct child will be the next to think a movie and act it out with gestures. You can make sure they don’t miss a word by activating the mute button.

You can also propose to participate in a virtual Pictionary. To do this create various categories such as characters, actions, movies, and books. Give each one a number and have the child in turn roll one die. The player must think of something related to the option that has been played and draw it. The rest will try to find out. The winner will go on to draw in the next round.

Also, there are endless video games and online apps for children to play simultaneously and don’t miss our ideas for activities for children from 0 to 3 years old and from 3 to 6.

7. A Virtual Party

For their part, at Urban Planet, they did not want to sit idly by and launched the solidarity initiative. During these weeks, they will organize free virtual parties for all the children who turn years, so that they do not give up spending that special day with their friends.

They will be 20 intense minutes of fun in real-time, with games guided by a monitor, who will act as master of ceremonies. Requests can be made through the web.

As you have seen, there are many alternatives to having a fun birthday without leaving home.