50+ Happy 38th Birthday Quotes & Wishes of 2022

BEST 38th Birthday Quotes & 38th Birthday Wishes: A person who has a beautiful life story always needs to be exalted! Today, on your 38 year birthday, I wish you continue to grow and overcome every challenge that comes along! I’m pleased to be able to meet you and to be an important part of your life.

Happy 38th Birthday Quotes & Wishes

50+ Happy 38th Birthday Quotes & Wishes of 2022

  • In your 38 years of life, you taught me that the true wealth, We can not have everything we want in money and things. It is what we obtain, both spiritual and physical, through relationships with others that are most valuable., we build with people. Happy Birthday!
  • Keep being that interesting and smart person! Wishing you a very happy, crazy, daring, classy birthday on your 38 little candles! Enjoy while you can as I can clearly see that you are getting old!
  • It is 38 years that you are full of life and that we have completed the friendship. You are irreplaceable., and all I want is to always be by your side for many other years. Thanks for being there with me!
  • I have few people in the best corners of my heart, and you are one of them. On your 38th anniversary, I want you to achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of and continue to be that amazing person that I can always trust!
  • When you see close to the goal of forty, you begin to take an inventory of your life. You begin to analyze what you have done and what you still have to do. The important thing is that you live and do it with happiness. Happy 38th birthday!
  • No matter what others say, age is just a number that helps you keep track of the time you have spent in the world. But what really matters are the experiences you have lived.

Happy 38th Birthday

  • Looking back doesn’t make sense, stressing out about what’s next either! Enjoy the present when you have the chance to, for it may be the only time you would ever have to do so.
  • Savor every minute of your life because every minute counts. Happy 38th birthday!
  • Finishing thirty and heading towards forty. It’s like the moral of the glass half full or half empty. Break the glass and let the water run! We are going to celebrate your 38th life anniversary!
  • I pray to God to bless you with all the good luck and prosperity for the coming year of your life. Happy 38th birthday, my dear friend.
  • Today you have to celebrate in style. Today you become the man closest to 40 years of the group, and that is an achievement. We are all ready to dawn just to celebrate your 38th birthday! Congratulations!
  • A beautiful, mature, intrepid, fabulous, and unique person has a birthday today. This is more than enough to justify a little celebration! Happy 38th birthday!
  • I have no idea what to give you on this your birthday. I only know that love and affection is the most valuable thing in this world, so I have decided to hug and kiss you for every year of your life. Happy 38th birthday!
  • Having someone like you in my life has been a wonderful experience. Today I join you in duly celebrating your 38th birthday. I hope this is the preamble to many more celebrations.

Happy Birthday Wishes for 38 years

  • Happy birthday and long life!
    Today is your birthday
    and I feel an immense joy
    to be able to congratulate you
    because I can only love you.
  • I hope you continue to have many dreams,
    since they are the ones that give us life
    and those that make us continue living.
    Fight for them to make them come true
    and never be intimidated.
  • For this very important day,
    as it is your 38th birthday,
    I ask for peace, dreams, and also love.
    All this I ask, and I also
    give you my heart.
  • Much more than half a century behind you
    but with a young heart,
    like that of a teenager,
    do not let it ever get old
    and do not abandon what you have in mind.
  • Long live I wish
    you who have everything to live for.
    I will always be at your disposal,
    so don’t forget!
    you occupy a large part of my heart.

Happy 38th Birthday Wishes

  • You know well what it is to love and be loved, to
    be victorious and defeated,
    because good and bad times combine
    but you and I will always be united.
  • I ask for blessings for your home,
    blessings for your person
    and blessings for your heart,
    so that you keep dreaming
    and keep giving so much love.
  • Today you were born
    and I hope that happiness is with you,
    that it always accompanies you
    all the way
    and that it takes you away from all dangers.
  • You will never be a lonely heart
    because I will always be by your side.
    You know that I will be with you at all times
    and you will not feel more than the love that I feel for you.
  • Congratulations on your day,
    blessed love,
    may peace and joy
    always nestles in your heart.
  • With these 38 years,
    you have already walked a
    a lot, but you still have a long way to go.
    The advantage is that you are clear about your goals
    and with them, you can achieve what you want.

Happy 38th Funny 38 Birthday Quotes

  • You have a beautiful heart
    that is why we all love you so much
    because it gives off candor
    from so much love that you will give and give.
  • I wish that all your dreams come true
    because we live by them and their illusion.
    I hope that you have the necessary tools
    to be able to achieve them and that they are realized.
  • Happy 38th birthday!
    Do not forget the people who love
    you, you always have us here,
    to listen and support you,
    but always.
  • You are a person aimed at the good
    and your heart has shown us,
    so you just have to see your actions
    and that is why I wish you many hugs.
  • I wish you a long life
    on this wonderful day,
    as it is on your 38th birthday
    and I hope that many wishes are fulfilled.