40+ Happy 12th Birthday Quotes & Wishes of 2022

Happy 12th Birthday Quotes & 12th Birthday Wishes Messages and sayings for 12 Birthday: Birthdays symbolize one more year and another year of life.

40+ Happy 12th Birthday Quotes & Wishes of 2022

Happy 12th Birthday!

It is a celebration of your 12 birthday and how you have grown since then. It marks the beginning of the early teenage years and is an important milestone for most boys and girls. Celebrate the occasion in style by throwing a 12 birthday party!

Happy 12th Birthday Quotes & Wishes

  • Happy 12th Birthday, dear son! May your 12 years be spectacular, as happy or more than the previous ones, and may you continue to be the beautiful person that you are, respectful, very funny, and always ready to help. I love you!
  • You are already 12 years old, and your parents are happy and proud to have you as a child; Happy 12th Birthday Son!
  • Son, for your 12 years today, we will celebrate because we have many reasons to do so. Happy 12th Birthday Son!!
  • You are now in your mid-teens and getting older. It seemed like yesterday when you were still a baby, And today you are a child. I wish you all the happiness in the world! Congratulations on your first 12 years!

Birthday Wishes for 12 Years Old

  • Are you ready to celebrate your 12th Birthday? 12 years will only be fulfilled once in a lifetime. Have as much fun as you can, because this is the right age to do it. I wish you have a dream birthday! I love you, Happy birthday princess!
  • Congratulations on your first 12 years! Always committed to fulfilling your wishes and achieving your dreams! You have a whole life ahead of you to succeed in your goals! Happy 12th Birthday!
  • 10… 11… 12! The account continues relentlessly, and your growth never stops! I wish you have a birthday in the name of pure joy and fun! Congratulations.
  • What do you want to receive for your 12th Birthday? A good pair of jeans? The last of the video games? A mobile phone among the most modern? Everything you receive, from me but above all so much affection that you will always have! And now that another year has passed, I offer you the warmest wishes for a happy 12th birthday!

12th Birthday Quotes Wishes

  • Hello, my friend! I can’t wait to come to the 12 birthday party for the first 12 years. I recommend, while you blow out the candles, you have to make a wish! I wish you to spend an unforgettable birthday together with the people who love you!
  • 12 years is not so few, and now you are no longer a child! Day after day, you will see that life will get more and more difficult. But with your optimism and your courage, I am sure that you can knock down all obstacles! Congratulations on your 12th Birthday! I love you.
  • I would like to go back and be 12 years old as you! There are moments in life that only happen once. Enjoy them to the end. Every moment of their existence is intensely alive. I wish you a fabulous birthday!
  • Dear little Mia, tomorrow you will be 12 years old. You are turning into a girl now! Don’t let anyone stop you from dreaming, even when you’re a woman. Happy Birthday!
  • And it’s 12 o’clock! Now the age is advancing! Seriously, how come you’re already taller than me? I feel like the eighth dwarf. That being said, I wish you spend a birthday in a sign of joy and tranquility. Congratulations Prince.

Happy 12th Birthday Wishes Messages

  • My dear friend, your 12th Birthday is now at the door. We’re getting big, young man! However, please know that at any time, I am always willing to give you a hand as a big brother. Happy Birthday!
  • In your life, you will find yourself facing many joys and difficulties. But never lose your smile! Congratulations on your 12th Birthday!
  • It seems that I was born yesterday, and now you are 12 years old. How is it possible that time passes with such speed? In the meantime, I am sending you my best wishes for your first 12 years. Happy Birthday, dear!
  • Happy Birthday to you, magnificent 12 years old! Know that your father is proud to have a smart and responsible daughter like you! Happy Birthday, my little girl!

Happy 12th Birthday Messages

  • Tomorrow will be your Birthday. But how old are they? I don’t remember. Oh yeah! 12! Time flies, and you, during your life, can fly most of the time. Happy birthday dear!
  • When you receive this letter,
    I ask you to close your eyes
    and think about what makes you the happiest.
    Exactly that is what I wish you on this day.
  • At 11 years old, you were a child.
    With 13, you will be old.
    But today, when you turn 12,
    you enter your perfect year.
    Happy 12 Birthday!
  • Ready for the party:
    soft drinks, candies,
    friends, games, balloons,
    cakes, sweets, laughter,
    songs, gifts …
    and the most special honoree: You!
  • It’s been 12 years since a prince came into the world
    to fill our lives with happiness and laughter.
    Today we celebrate that day with all our love.
    Happy Birthday.
  • Your head may not understand it yet,
    this enormous love that we have for you is already familiar to your heart.
    May this year be perfect for you.
    Have a very happy birthday.

What do you write on a 12th birthday card?

  • Today do not do your homework,
    today do not brush your teeth
    or face or make your bed.
    Look at the pictures, eat cake, and be happy! Today is your Birthday!
  • Not even the most precious jewel
    is more beautiful than you.
    Not even the most educated child behaves better than you do.
    Having you by our side is the best reason for our joy.
    Have a very happy birthday.
  • For the prettiest child,
    the most diligent student,
    the most loving child and
    the closest friend.
    We wish you a very happy day.
  • My wish is that each sunrise
    in your life is more beautiful than the previous one,
    that you receive each day with a laugh
    and each year with the love
    of all those who need and love you.

How do you wish someone a happy birthday at 12?

  • Let everyone come
    to celebrate this day!
    12 years old is
    a very special child
    who fills us with joy.
  • Even if you don’t eat the vegetables,
    even if you run down the stairs,
    even if you make the girls mad
    and only think about the ball…
    You are the best son in the world; happy Birthday!
  • All the love we feel today
    cannot be counted in words.
    We will have to wait until you are older
    to explain how much we love you,
    but we can prove it right now!
  • For the king of this house
    on a very special day.
    Together we wish you much happiness.
    Happy Birthday!
  • May
    joy reign in your heart every day of your life
    and do not stop learning.
    Happy Birthday.

How do you wish a teenager happy birthday?

  • I would like to send you something very special
    to congratulate your Birthday,
    but I have encountered a problem:
    I am not able to wrap this big kiss!
  • You will be 12 years old, slowly but surely you will grow up. I think this year will be very special for you. I look forward to it!
  • I think fate has big plans for you this year. Be curious! Congratulations on your 12th Birthday!
  • Congratulations on your 12th Birthday! This is the start of another 365-day journey around the Sun, sitting on your way!

What do 12-year-olds want for their birthday?

By the age of 12, Kids enter a transitional age, they are no longer children, so they are not interested in dolls and other toys, at the same time they are still too young for adult gifts. That is why many are lost and have no idea What do 12-year-olds want for their birthday? that is relevant, to pick up such a present that can surprise and please him or her.

  • Luminous shoelace.
  • Hoverboard
  • Electronic piggy bank.
  • Perfume creation kit.
  • Digital photo frame.
  • USB vacuum cleaner.
  • EBook.
  • Starry sky projector and night light.
  • Thermo mug.
  • External battery for charging.
  • Balance board.
  • Skate.