5 Best Birthday Reminder Apps for Android of 2022

The Best Birthday reminder apps for android: When buying a smartphone, I want it to be filled with convenient applications that help in certain situations, for example, a stopwatch and a timer, a navigator, and a locator – as before they did without them, it is simply incomprehensible.

The 5 Best Birthday Reminder Apps for Android

One such useful application is the Best Birthday Reminder Apps for Android. Let’s consider some of these Best Birthday Reminder Apps for Android.

5 Best Birthday Reminder Apps for Android of 2022

1. Birthday Info Widget

Birthday Info Widget is the first on our list. Not annoying with notifications and beeps, perfectly drawn, with elements of a futuristic style, it can easily be on the desktop.

It should be noted that you can program its own response time for each entry separately. For a day or a week – it’s up to you. The only inconvenience here will be that you will have to enter all the required dates into the telephone list with your own hand.

2. Birthday Countdown

With this widget, any event, be it the birthday of your best friend or the day of the death of your beloved grandfather, can be provided with a photo or picture. Visualization is thought to have a better effect on memory receptors.

There is also one more feature of the Birthday Countdown: it will remind the date and display a notification on the screen with a countdown until the date of the celebration. You can set a change in the color of the inscription as the memorable date approaches in the settings.

3. EboBirthday

EboBirthday is the 3rd Best Birthday Reminder Apps for Android on the list. Its developers have learned to do more than just countdown. The most important feature is to search and record not only the manually entered data.

Data will be taken from the Google calendar, from the social network Facebook and even from CSV files and put together into a convenient list. If something is unnecessary, you can easily delete it. However, EboBirthday will keep the original list intact, and you can always return to it.

4. Birthdays

The name is simple, but the functions are the most essential. With this widget, you won’t miss anything important. The required date will always be in sight. In addition, as soon as you add a new contact with a birthday to your android device, it will automatically appear in the list.

You can also make entries from Facebook, and not all in a row, but selectively, whatever you want. The creators of the application promise to finalize the program so that from other social. Networks could collect such data.

Also, you can wish a happy birthday right from the application by sending an SMS or even writing an email.

5. Birthday Reminder

But this application is already successfully working with various social networks, and not just with Facebook. Birthday Reminder has its own personal base, and it will not necessarily be tied to the smartphone or tablet where it is installed.

You can also insert data into the program with your own hand from the phone book. You can also call or send a greeting in the form of a postcard by email without leaving the program.

Even if your device has a small screen, the programs will not take up much screen space.


Which best birthday reminder apps for android to choose is a personal matter. One thing can be said: the developers have done a great job for the android.